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The following joined My-Journal over TEN YEARS ago and are still actively journaling here
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Most entries created
Mystic Angel [joined: 2006-12-02]6738
wayward heart [joined: 2002-02-17]5106
Reggi [joined: 2004-02-08]4259
roadrunner569033 [joined: 2010-10-03]3536
Terry [joined: 2001-03-04]2923
biggmamaz [joined: 2004-12-04]2720
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LightHouse Keeper [joined: 2004-01-05]1926
TheLongRoadBack [joined: 2007-07-20]1922
SynnicalSomebody [joined: 2002-08-29]1704

Journal Count
Currently there are 11025 journals with a total of 227607 entries

Most Recently Written
Rough Draft
by Christine (straight female age: 39)
A Distracted Muse / More on Camp NaNo
 Squeezing stories and ideas through a writer's block.
by ghosthousegirl (straight female age: 55)
 Things you don't say- and the things you say after you say them.
Entertain me
by Christine (straight female age: 39)
What to read?
 My temporary escapes from reality...books, movies, TV shows, etc.
Make a mistake
by EMILYzhu (male-to-female female age: 27)
 My novel
Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
by Christine (straight female age: 39)
Our Shelter Cats
 A journal for/about our pets.
by Ginger (bi-curious female age: 50)
 On and off again... but I'm me ;-)
Thoughtful Journal Prompts
by Tzipporah (straight female age: 57)
A Year In Review
 Various journaling prompts I find.
Emotional Mess
by carol15 (straight female age: 23)
Movie Theaters Alone
 After a year and a half of living on my own i move back home and go back to school after taking a year off college. back in my hometown, a smalltown, from the city. Just the emotional rollacoaaster that is me.
Audio Book Reviews
by blindsighted52 (straight female age: 47)
Grave Sight
 Audio book reviews by the blind chick that listens to them daily.
My Odyssey
by blonde angel (straight female age: 45)
Close to my Heart
 My first foray into the journaling world. [Odyssey n.- An intellectual or spiritual quest]
"The Eclectic Diary of A Perfectly Rationally Irrational Nitwit"
by Imdy (other female age: 39)
The hardest days...
 "Sometimes, I write stuff here..."
Big, Beautiful & Black
by Black_Love_Goddess (bi female age: 45)
He was jealous!!!
 Behind every great woman is a guy looking at her ass. ~Author Unknown
Blah times three
by rivermayrun (other other age: 31)
It finally happened.
 Husband, babies, life.
On My Bookshelf
by wayward heart (straight female age: 61)
All This Talk of Love
 "To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life." -- Somerset Maugham
The middle of the book (The early entries) / The Middle Of The Book - Redux
by barrtrack2 (straight male age: 58)
"Thank you for your service" said the NoOne who beat this Vet to death...
 Catharsis act of a desperate soul? Nah...just trying to catch the world up ...on me...
Jonathan Winters Frankenstein
by PF Flyers (straight male age: 43)
Nov 30, 2017
 Where? Where can we hide?
My Journal-2017
by imboredinclass (bi-curious female age: 19)
 It's my... journal
Animals Rule My Heart
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 54)
If You Have Done At Least 28 Of These 36 Things, Then You Are Definitely A ‘Cat Person’!
 Wildlife/Pets. :)
Thoughts of an empath
by Clover13 (straight female age: 46)
Boring weekend ahead?
 Just random thoughts about my days and what keeps my mind racing sometimes.
My journey into becoming a Slut
by Tonya (bi female age: 40)
Black Friday
 How I came to be a SLUT and a WHORE.
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