Today is November 23, 2017
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Randirardhon by der Hofnarr
September 2016
1GnR -- Sweet Child O'Mine
4this ain't it
5not so funny, or is it funny??
6how long is "too long" and uncomfortable!
8it's like ---
10void in a world too full of apathetic people disguised as those who care
11she asks: "Are you mad?" & I lie, I say "no"
12September 12, 2016
16living in hell, part 2
17as always
22==========> NOT
23OMG, from the home of Mao Tse Tung, Chiang Kai-shek & Tiananmen square
24the guy is fucking funny
25gonna go....
26Witch Hunter and a short etc paragraph
29too much & oddly too little
30back to public -- ghosts and trolls

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by der Hofnarr

The latest entry is November 22, 2017

"There never can be a man so lost as one who is lost in the vast and intricate corridors of his own lonely mind, where none may reach and none may save. from Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov (1950)

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Not: a journal of scattered thoughts, thought-out thoughts and meandering thoughts---some may or may not be adult oriented & some might even be controversial.

"If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated."
~~ Voltaire

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