Today is March 27, 2017
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"...And moss grows fat on a rollin' stone..." by monkeybone
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she cried...then got revenge
March 20, 2017

Ever watch people?

I do, sometimes it can be pretty interesting.

One thing I do is use my imagination and "invent" a reality for them, or whatever you want to call it.

An example:

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were outside, a Camero was parked in front of the house across the street for about thirty minutes. When the teenaged girl (probably about eighteen or so) got out, she slammed the door, the car drove off, leaving her standing by the mailbox, crying.

She walked around a few minutes, crying, before she got her cell phone out and called a friend.

Of course we don't know what happened.

I used my imagination and came up with this one:

"He broke up with me," she cried into the phone.

On the other end: "That bastard," her friend said, followed by..."What excuse did he use?"

She sniffled, then answered; "He said he wanted to break up so he could date Sally..." she paused.

"Sally? What's so special about her? She's a skank!" her friend sighed.

The girl paused for a few minutes before she replied: "He said she puts out and he's tired of waiting."

"That rat bastard..."

About a week later, the girl was outside using her cell phone again, this time she was talking to her x-boyfriend and was in a much better mood.

"Jack, I was going to go to the Easter dance with you," she informed him.

"Sorry about that," he replied.

Before he could say more: "I'm going with your cousin Joey," she told him, then finished off with---"You know, I was going to give myself to you that night after the dance...but since you broke up with me, it's gonna be your cousin who gets my virginity..."

There was silence, followed with: "What?" from the other side.
She laughed; "So, whose sorry now?"
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