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My Sexual Adventures by naughtywife
February 2012
16Valentine's Day Sucks

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Valentine's Day Sucks
February 16, 2012

But it doesn't really matter to me anyway, Valentine's Day. Who cares, really? I hate red, pink and purple hearts...what's the point?
My apologies to those of you who treasure V-day. I just don't care for it. Call me a Valentine's Day scrooge if you will...I'll wear the title proudly!

No news to report, I'm just sitting here listening to music from my 'naughty' days and it's gotten me thinking.

I've done a lot of wild things...and wild people too, if we're being honest.

One night stands...married men (and women in some cases), sweaty sex in the backseat of some guys car.
The reasons I did all of those things are....well, who really cares? I had a BLAST doing them....I love sex, and sex with strangers is so naughty, so slutty....I love it!

I slept with one of my past partners last spring.
He fucked me good...made me climax stronger than I have in a long time...and he's not even that good in bed.

My husband is a good lover, but it's always the same thing. I mean...the same thing, in the same order for the same amount of time. Talk about boring.

I'm going to be really crude if you don't like a lady saying dirty, nasty things, stop reading now.

I want some guy to throw me on the bed and fuck me silly. I want him to pound my pussy and call me nasty names as he's shoving his cock in and out. I want him to flip me onto my hands and knees and ram himself into me, fucking me like the slut I sometimes long to be.

Should I pursue this again?
I've been a good wife. I keep the house and my family and grocery shop on the weekends.
But that part of me...that slutty, sexy part of me rears it's head every once in a right now...and I don't know what to do about it.

Any suggestions?
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