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February 2012
22Ten premier journalers!!!

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Ten premier journalers!!!
February 22, 2012

Jumping for joy Jumping for joy Jumping for joy

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the fact that we now have ten journalers who started journaling here over ten years ago and are still actively writing in a public journal. That's TEN years and still going!!!

Congratulations to Peace Love Happiness, Christine, Enigmatic Whispers, wayward heart, and khh6, who just recently joined that distinguished list that appears on the site's homepage. (It looks like Kevin has now snuck in there to, that rascal.)

Isn't it ironic that we came anonymously and have developed deep friendships with other anonymous journalers? In some cases we have shared more with each other than we have ever shared with people in our real life. And we have found acceptance and support to carry us through all kinds of events, both wonderful and terrible.

I appreciate you all so much, whether you have been here ten years or just a few months. Thank you for participating and sharing and caring for each other.

My beating heart


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