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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
February 2009

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February 12, 2009

Still being slammed with work but managing, so far, not to drown.

Builder Client sucked the life from me yesterday in a record 6.5 hours. I leave there everytime with a knot in my neck and battling a headache. Yeah the fact that he does not have enough revenue stream to cover bills is stressful, yes the fact that I had to tell him he needs to pay my December invoice before I return is stressful but what really sucks the life from me is the fact that in a effort to save money he has been having me out about once every 4 weeks or so. When I do get there he expects 10-12 hours worth of work to get done in 6 hours. I would stay long to do the filing and whatever little misc. things need to be done but he is literally pushing me out the door after 6 or so hours because he can't stand being in the office so ALWAYS makes plans so I have to leave. UGH! Then he gets cranky the filing is not done (even though he can look anything he needs up on the computer). I told him "Well you either need to allow me time to do it! Or you could save yourself a few bucks and have your wife do it..or do it yourself". Yeah instead he paid me and scheduled me to come back in two weeks. Fine.

I am loving Movie Maker Client! It is actually a pleasure to go there on Thursdays! I have alot of work to do for them at home though. My work space is small in their office and for some of the things I need to do I need space to spread out.

So far I am still scheduled to see Yummy again this Friday but...I believe my opinion that he is just too newly out of a long term relationsip is right on, based on last nights events. He called me when I was eating so I did not answer the phone. He left a message saying his ex was given tickets to the basketball by her boss and she was taking her two sons as well the daughter they have together and the kids really wanted him to go, she had an extra ticket. So he went (which is fine) thinking it was some sort of peace offering and that if he went it might help pave the way to them mutually agreeing on things regarding their daughter. I figured there was a possibility that it could be a peace offering of sorts but also know woman and the situation well enough to it was more likely some sort of game, manipulation or at the very least a way to get her foot back in the door that is his love life. Whatever, I was fine with it. He did not even have to tell me but he did so I appreciate the openess. I spent the evening working and chatting with my sister. I went to bed early and it was nice. Today he text messages me and says "Hey sexy, I have been thinking about you. Last night was strange, I will tell you later". Uhm OK...I so do not want to be the girl he talks to about his ex and what is going on at this stage of their break up. At this point I just want to "date" and have great sex with him. I have already set my mind frame up to not want more because he is simply not in a place to do that (at least I don't think so). Guess we will see how it goes.
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