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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
January 2010

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And she drops the ball...
January 23, 2010

Kiddo is back in school, the holidays are over, I have forbade any more house guest for at least a month (with the exception of kids), I have told my business partners that I need to step back for a month or so. Not completely but I can't keep doing all that I have been doing. I took all these measures a bit too late. I have been juggling so much for so long, just barely keeping up and in some cases just putting off what can be put off so I could take care of what needed to be done. I have been doing this with work, relationships, home, myself...everything. It is not like I have not been telling people "I am swamped" or even "I need you to help" but apparently until I take action myself they don't get it. So I took action and am trying to gather control over everything in order to get things back where they are organized and manageable. I did get my part of the new home office set up so I can work up there now and helps ALOT! At any rate after I set this plan in action but before I got things under control it came to light that a couple small things fell through the cracks both were for Movie Maker client. A couple invoices that should have been paid two weeks ago or so were not paid because I was unorganized...Ok there are other factors like the fact that one of the invoices is to be paid via PayPal and it is the only one and i have to do 2 transfers of money and then wait 5 days to pay that bill and it is not a monthly bill it is spuratic. The other was a combination of two invoices but only one got paid because I did not take the time to really look into the new online bill pay system and apparently when you do more than one payment to a payee it will grab only one of them. Ok so they are not big deals I guess, in the big picture but the buck does stop with me and I am supposed to be a professional and well I tried to do way much and ended up looking like a hack. I am so pissed at myself that I have no doubt caused a client to lose confidence in me and who knows maybe they will terminate my services. This woudl such because I like working for them for the most part, and I need the money but on the other hand I have reached a point where I would welcome not having to tend to clients anymore. However, I need my other businesses to start making money for me first and/or I need to find someone to take over my clients IF my clients were willing. I have never lost a client once I got them unless I chose to let them go so it would be quite crushing for that to happen. I did send a apology email to my client and let her know I would comp the company a portion of my regular for the inconvenience and stress it might have caused her. Please some one just come kick me in the ass.

Ok off to the post office to take care of stuff that should have been done before now and then back home to work all weekend so I can get all my shit together and move forward organized and confindent.
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