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Mine, All Mine by chi3nne
November 2011

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I know I know...
November 22, 2011

I literally have not 5 minutes to sit and journal and if I did get the time I have been so exhausted the last thing I wanted to do was because let me tell you there has been a lot going on and up until yesterday the majority of what consumed my thoughts had not been happy related events.

Not sure if I wrote about how John i.e Kiddo's dad, my friend of 20 plus years, business partner and client pulled a stunt that forever changed the landscape of our relationship. during the operating agreement process he had a clause put in that essential would force the company to purchase his shares a(and only his shares) whenever he felt like getting out. Mind you, he agreed to 10% for having to do nothing so why would one ever want out as long as we continued to make money? Of course I was not going to sign that because it would not have been good for the other partners or the company. He refused to let go of this and it ended up in him saying that he was wanting to sell his shares...the 45% he owned last year before the change and the reason we were doing a new operating agreement. Long story short he came out of the gate with a offer of 350G. I countered with 25G and yesterday wrote checks totaling $85G to get him out of two of my companies free and clear. Through this whole ordeal not once would he accept a phone call from me, respond to a email or even a invitation from my attorney to discuss this "face to face". After all the years and everything I had done for him I felt shit on and disregarded. He acted in a manner that I would find despicable in a business acquaintance let alone a partner, life long friend, father of my son and a client of 8 years who's ass I saved from the IRS and DWD enabling him to hold on to his money and his company. Being the professional that I am I gave his company 4 weeks notice of me ending my contract with them to provide HR and accounting duties for them. I even gave them a extra week when it was obvious they were having a hard time finding the right fit. I even trained the new girl on off hours (for a premium of course), I provided training manuals and everything they could possible need for her to the job and them to make the transition. Last week was my last week working for him...after 8 years and being one of the biggest reasons his company provided him what it did over the course of those years. It saddens me and I did not have to quit they did not want me to but I could not work with/for someone who had that little regard for me and that much regard for himself i.e selfishness to the point of being so unfair and underhanded towards others who had provided for him.

So all business ties are undone. I am sure he will suceed in his business now that his partner is my brother who has already increased the value of that company and it's earning potential ten fold. However, karma is a bitch and he will get what he has put out and I will tell you honestly that in business he was of no use except for a limited check book and doing bitch work that you could pay someone $8 hour to do. He has no skills at all except in riding coat tails. No computer program skills outside email, no accounting, no HR, business planning or running skills. Anyways, I don't think to much about it anymore. That is the thing, I do not hold grudges or seek revenge but when I have reached a point with someone where I am simply done (and it takes alot because I am oh so forgiving) I am done. So I am done and will see him when necessary in regards to our child and those life events and I can even be polite but I will never be more than the mother of his son...not friend, confidant, business associate or partner. He will not be invited to be part of my family and it's events ever again.

Jason is not even that forgiving and his reaction to all of this has added even more stress to me. He seems to be a bit better and in time get to be none existent for him so he is not referring to John as derogatory names and planning acts of revenge in his mind.

So obviously work in going well, we are making money but it is very time consuming and stressful. But the construction season is nearly over. Just need to collect some debts and wrap up a few projects. working with Tamii as our project coordinator was challenging as well. Not sure if she will be back next season. She learned well enough but her attitude sucks, her and her hubby want to move back to the pacific west coast within a couple of years and as much as she has learned she does not know enough and she puts in the bare minimum. I need someone I can hand at least half the reigns over to, someone who knows a bit more about the actual construction aspect of the construction industry. I need someone who is driven and not just making a paycheck. I need someone who knows that perception and attitude go a long way and that regardless if you know the people that sign your check in a personal way or not you, in the work place you treat them like they write your check not like you would treat them on a night out or something. She gets a little to high and mighty for britches as my grandmother would say and then when professionally addressed about these issues she gets bitchy and defensive. Over all she can do the job but I need someone who can do it better and be a more positive addition to the team.

So because we made the buy yesterday of John's shares we were actually able to get some cash for ourselves from the one company. I have been living off of last years distributions and what I make from my business support business. Not starving by any means and not having to tap into my savings but still when you work 60+ hours a week and the stress of that makes you fluffy (I have gained about 10 pounds in two years) and aggravates a ulcer you never knew you had, you kinda look for some tangible reward. So with my first 2011 draw I paid off my 2011 estimated tax, paid of my little eclipse, maxed out my 2011 retirement accounts, got my house re-roof paid off (I pay only cost of course) along with the new back door, two attic windows and now I think I will get that new garage door. Ok so my idea of tangible reward is not the same as Jasons or alot of other peoples.

Jason paid off his 2010 taxes, his car, his personal loan from me, a large portion of his back support, retained a attorney again to fight baby mama of the youngest (yep it continues), upgrade his phone and carrier and purchase a ridiculously large 80" Sharp Aquos LED tv and some sound bar system to the tune of 6G!!! right?? I would have forgone the TV and sound thing and paid off the back support and put the rest in a Roth but yanno different strokes and all.

So now that the companies are ours we can and are ready to S corp the one. That means in addition to draws I will finally get a regular paycheck and save myself about 10G in taxes while I am at it.

In summary life over the last several months has been draining on so many levels but things are getting set up so that 2012 will be much better...I just hope it does not turn out to be my last year (end of the world prediction), but if it is I suppose better to have a good one than a crap one.
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