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Alone for Eternity by Mistake_Magnet
January 2012

January 2012
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Women in Corrections
January 30, 2012

Is not an easy job. I'm not a correctional officer, instead i supervise inmates in the kitchen. The other kitchen employees are like 25+ years older than me and I get the impression that they think I'm young and dumb and gonna end up establishing relationships with inmates. Not to mention no one will take any responsibility for anything wrong they do, it's always blamed on the young one. One of my bosses is very nice, the other is a complete nightmare.
For the most part some of the inmates are respectful, but most of them are hateful and mean, they complain and whine and we get treated and cursed at worse than officers. I know it's easy to say or think just get another job but its not. the economy is terrible and nothing I could find would pay as much.
The place is making me chronically depressed, emotionally and physically exhausted. I come home, and just want to be alone. I dont want to be around my boyfriend or my kids, just wanna hide up in the bedroom and sleep my life away. I've been to the dr's and on a few different meds, they dont help.
I dont know what I want, I dont want to be alone at the same time I do. I feel trapped in everything in life and just feel like I want to disappear.
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