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July 2017
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keep on keepin' on
July 16, 2017

I've been on the new meds for a full week now, and I am alert all day and not having that afternoon slump!! Jumping for joy

The hot flashes are mostly gone again...every so often, I'll have one, but at the beginning of the week just Yuck!

Even my sleep is levelling out, and my strength seems to be coming back, and these are all good things Yes

I've lost 2.2 pounds this week, and I'm happy with that. Of course, I want to have lost 15 or 20 by now, and even though I'm pretty good at waiting--staying the course and such, patience really isn't one of my best virtues. Besides, holy unrealistic expectations!! But, I want answers and solutions NOW...just fix it NOW!!

However, ALL the best things take time; frequency and effort, isn't that what I wrote yesterday? There has to be balance. If you're going to be "off" your nutrition make sure you get in that workout, or if you're going to not exercise for a few days, keep that nutrition on pointe. Over time, it will all even out.

Keep searching, keep moving, keep asking questions and paying attention to the answers and what your body is telling you. Move it, feed and water it well: find what works for you.

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