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August 2010

Tasty Temptation
August 5, 2010

She watched him clear the table and walk towards the kitchen exiting the dining room through the ornate carved doors. Excusing herself, she gave the ladies a mischievous smile, and swiftly pursued him. Once in the kitchen she looked around. She let her hand glide against the cold, unforgiving metal of the preparation table. A tantalizing thought popping into her head.

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She could faintly smell him. He smelled of passion, of vigour … of sexuality. One of those men whom you see, and immediately you imagine yourself plunging onto his hardness, losing yourself in his arms and the competent skill of his fingers. She could almost hear the moan and whisper he would make. A man who made women feel a deep desire. A breath of passion in a dull existence. Watching as he labored, she couldn’t believe this stunning man was going to be around all day, tantalizing them with his presence. Tanned and lithesome, he looked like a Greek god. The dark tousled hair barely brushed his ears, curling appealingly where it touched his collar. She admired his muscles as they danced under his white shirt. And his smile, a smile that was past warm. It was hot and inviting.

When she caught herself speculating how that lean muscular body would look without clothes, she knew she should not be lusting after such a young man. His long lashed eyes stared at her watching as his generous mouth smiled. She leaned forward slightly. What she desired more than anything was to kiss those lips. Her eyes dropped down his body. His chefs uniform clung to his chest, and the pants stretched tautly across his thighs.

A warm tremor flowed through her body, and she was grateful he couldn’t read minds. Because right now, she would pay good money to slide her skirt up and feel him throbbing inside her. Her cheeks burned, and she coughed delicately. Anything to cover up the blush she could feel stealing into her cheeks.

The man observed her reaction and smiled broadly. “I’m Jeremy, your chef for the day. Do you wish to discuss the dinner menu?”

Which menu? The one where you’re on your back, and I’m riding you ruthlessly? She coughed and lowered her face.

“Yes,” she managed eventually when she regained control of her thoughts. “I’m here to discuss the menu." She hesitated, glanced around the kitchen hesitantly then looked him straight in the eye, and continued quickly. "This is a bachelorette party, and the ladies would like you on the menu.”

Jeremy laughed, uncertain of the sincerity of her statement. Flirting, he responded "Do you think there will be enough of me to satisfy all the ladies?"

"Let's take a vote on that." His eyes widened with shock as five other women stepped into the kitchen.
by Annalist
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“The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination who gets him” – Helen Rowland

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