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August 2010

Cascading Pleasures
August 20, 2010

The distant echo of water reached him from the hallway as he silently closed the large wooden door. He walked quietly toward the bathroom and carefully opened the door to peer around the corner. The bathroom was steamy and damp: a million jets of raindrops spurting out of the silver disk aboveher head. He moved noiselessly through the warm fog until he could see his wife through the hazy glass walled shower.

She continually took his breath away, after so many years, she was still remarkably beautiful. Her hair spilled around her, blanketing her sumptuous body, a sensual well-proportioned figure.

She tipped her head back under the cascading water, her long silky mane falling in a backdrop behind her, elegant fingers and delicate hands soaping her full, firm breasts. Water flowed down her back, over the soft rounded cheeks, which at this moment, he longed to cup. Hands roamed around her body, seeking her breasts, caressing her mound and teasing her nipples.

Sara ran the soap over her flat belly, gently kneaded her breasts and nipples with the little bar. Once she had her front completely lathered up, she rubbed the bar between her legs, foaming up her already slippery edges Her fingers dipped between and mixed the soap with her own juices. She rubbed her stomach, moving to her hips and, finally, her long legs. He watched as the bar disappeared between them, then rose and fell repeatedly over the area, in an achingly slow pace.

The bar slid to the floor but her hand lingered in place. The pulsating action continued, fingers ousting the soap. Her eyes shut and mouth partly open, as her tongue traced the contours of her sultry lips. Her free hand cupped her breast and moved to crush the nipple, which hardened abruptly.

His eyes were riveted to the scene enfolding in front of him, and he felt himself solidify. Without a conscious thought, his hand slid inside his jeans. He smiled in anticipation as she spread her legs farther apart, wider and arched her back, breathless as her whole body fluttered. Her fingers plunged into her moistness and her thumb pressed against her clit, massaging and striking the hard button. She pinched her nipple with the other hand.

Her finger was embedded within, as far as it would go. She moved it in and out faster, touching her g-spot with each deep thrust. Her other hand moved to her clit now. Leaning forward against the shower wall, she manipulated this hard little button. Her ass created an erotic curve to her hips.

He found that so seductive. He craved to join her into the shower, but moreover didn’t want her to stop this erotic display. He had longed to see her pleasuring herself.

Her eyes still tightly closed, her head tilted back and her mouth opened, he could hear each loud whimper of delight rise above the streaming water. She took in a breath as the first hint of an orgasm built up inside her andpressed her hand hard against thesensitive spot in a circular motion. Her whole body trembled. Then she cried out, her back arching as she climaxed. Her orgasm whirled through her body. Her hips lurched as her fingers moved quicker in their silky warm tunnel.

The untamed gratification shot her into space, and she shut her eyes at the intensity, her body shaking uncontrollably and she let out a primal, unrestrained howl of enjoyment. The contractions rippled over and over, and she fought for breath, the exquisite sensation so acute.

“Yes…yes.” He made a low, involuntary sound of enthusiastic approval deep in his throat.

Jack ached, never having felt this kind of need, never having wanted this so badly before. His stomach tightened, lust pooling low in his belly.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, she collapsed against the wall, her eyes slowly opened, and she saw him.
by Annalist
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“The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination who gets him” – Helen Rowland

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