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September 2010

Taking her Pleasure
September 19, 2010

The door shut firmly behind her with a disheartening crash. She remained motionless for a moment to inspect her victim, quivering as he lay naked in bindings before her. Jack opened his eyes slowly. For a brief moment, he wondered where he was. Then, as the events of the previous night filled his head, he shut his eyes, as a murmur of terror involuntarily passed between the layers of his gag.

She was pleased to see his eyes widen aprhensively. A sardonic smile curved her lips. The wild desperation and panic in his eyes were a joyful sight.

Reluctantly, he peered through his dark lashes, and saw her flowing towards him. In her long, liquid black robe, she looked like death on her way to claim him. A menacing expression flitted over her face as she edged nearer. She was savoring the long awaited moment. Her eyes glowed with excitement and there was now a subtle hint of a malevolent smile edging from the corner of her mouth. She was in her own absolute heaven, a place where all that she could wish for was right here in this room. Her revenge, her longing, her beautiful young victim and the power she had over him!

Her first decent look of Jack’s naked body filled her with a need, and him, a good kind of fear. Even soft he looked huge. She coveted this man. Everything about him aroused her, from the top of his gorgeous dark head to the soles of his feet. The man was undeniably breathtaking, and just knowing that Jack was hers for these brief few hours, nearly made her melt. She wanted him to hurt so desperately, and yet she knew that he was innocent. It wasn’t about him. It was about her. Her obsession to avenge herself for the days, no weeks of wasted time flirting with him.

As her carefully searching eyes lingered on him, she knew that something she had been heatedly denied for so long, was finally in her grasp. She was going to delight in every precious moment. This was her time her time now and Jack existed for her absolute pleasure.

With a malevolent glint in her eye, she disrobed in a slow, sexy fashion. Her black lace corset thrust her full breasts up provocatively and tweaked her neat waist. A minuscule g-string showed off her smooth mound, glistening with welcome. In contrast, the six inch heels, laced around her ankles, gleamed wickedly. His now semi-erect shaft jerked convulsively.

As Jack watched her in confusion, she suddenly swung her shapely leg over him, straddling his thighs. Her hands came to rest on his wide chest. She gently caressed him as she slowly raised her eyes to meet his gold flecked ones.

“Finally, you are awake.” She laughed softly at the sight of total outrage on Jack’s face. Clasping his bound wrists, she peered closely down at him. “Are you ready to be a good boy?” Her green eyes bore into his.

He looked up at her, confusion and the effect of the drug, now wearing off. He recognized her from the club.

Her hands moved up and down his arms, then over his chest while her eyes inspected him. “Mmmm, very nice,” her fingers played over his nipples, and they immediately hardened.

“Look at that,” she said in pure ecstasy. His eyes gazed apprehensively at her as she played. Unexpectedly she pinched them firmly, eliciting a gasp from him. She twisted harsher and he moaned. “Oh," she sighed in content. "They are very sensitive.” She lowered her head and bit one hard, pulling it through her pearly teeth. There was no suppressing his arousal provoked by the exquisite pain.

She reached out and cupped his chin, raising his face to look at her. “You are going to be my toy. Is that understood?” she pinched his nipple one more time for additional emphasis, twisting the raised flesh hard.

Gasping again, he nodded.

“What have we here?” she politely enquired as she extensively explored the tight curve of his hip. She took her time, her hands gently massaging his naked flesh as she admired it his very conspicuous arousal. “Very nice." she purred. "Very enticing, although I may need to shave that patch. How can I test my handiwork through all that fur?” She enjoyed the slight sound of protest he made at the sensual notion of her shaving him.

Moving her aroused body against his, she smiled, “Oh, you have it all ready for me. Good boy.” She took his inflexible shaft in her hands and examined it in the palm of her hand, as if testing its weight. “You have a nice big one don’t you?” It was fiery to the touch, silky, wresting in his hand.

This will make a nice little plaything.” A tiny globule of fluid pooled at the tip. She leaned forward and licked the drop away, the distinct taste of pleasure exploding across her tongue. “Yes, this will do just fine,” she watched him through her lashes. He was gazing at her playing with him, his limbs submissively spread out, to give her complete access.

She leaned over his body, breasts practically exploding out of her corset. “I want you to cum for me, Jack,” she whispered against his ear, before sinking her teeth softly into the soft flesh of his neck.

Jack moaned quietly with only a trace of angst. This was one of his yearned for fantasies, and it was coming true. He was going to relish this ride.
by Annalist
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