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October 2010

Sir Jay's pleasure
October 5, 2010

She was positioned by the window, vulnerable, with her gossamer shrouded body facing out. Silhouetted by the moonlight filtering through the lightly tinted glass, she looked like an unearthly sylph. She heard him enter but remained motionless. Closing the heavy door behind him with a quick tug, the lock engaged with a sharp click. She flinched and trembled, was tense but remained perfectly still, apprehension clearly visible in the set of her shoulders.

The realization of her uneasiness sent a tiny smile of satisfaction across his lips. It served to arouse him. Crossing the room with long strides, he stopped behind her, clasping his hands behind his back. Leaning forward so his chest barely brushed her back, he buried his nose in her thick hair and breathed deeply. Lifting the long silky strands away from her neck, his voice whispered across the sensitive skin.

"Are you ready for this?"

He captured her ponytail in his fingers, tugging her mass of silken hair free from the band. Taking handfuls, he jerked her head back, and pressed his thin lips hard down on hers. He captured her full lower lip and nibbled hungrily. She whimpered as he licked her bruised and crushed lips, forcefully pushing his tongue inside, searching for her small velvety one. The impact of that of the kiss hit her like lightning. The effect made her heart beat fast and hard. Then he abruptly released her, pushing her away from him. He watched as she regained her equilibrium and pose.

"You have been a thoughtless pet. What's your explanation?" His voice was quiet and deliberate. The austere look on his face sent a faint tremble of dismay through her. She remained motionless, with her hands clasped neatly in front of her, her feet together and eyes cast down. Frantically, she tried to think up a plausible excuse.

"I....I was busy Sir," she explained. "I was going to message you..." Her voice wavered as she finally noticed the silver handcuffs clasped lightly in his hand. For a second, she thought she must have been mistaken, but no. They were definitely handcuffs.

"Well?" he asked. His one dark eyebrow raised mockingly. "What was it that you were...busy with?" Spotting the direction of her downcast eyes, he drawled sarcastically. "So you know what I have in mind for you." He smiled again.

"Yes Sir." The words were virtually soundless.

Sara glanced at the cuffs for a second before her eyes settled on the blindfold. She watched with breathless fascination as he played with it, taunting her. Because he had no whip, she knew he was going to thrash her with his bare hand. She could already feel its heat. She waited, her hands twisting together anxiously.

“Come closer, little pet and turn around. We’ll get your punishment out of the way.”

When the abrupt command pierced the haze of her foggy brain, a cold shiver immobilized her. She blinked, met his eyes for a few seconds, then dropped her gaze again. She read the unwavering purpose in his eyes, though his expression was neutral. Reluctantly, she obeyed.

Running his hands down her arms, he pulled her wrists to the back and cuffed them. His hands slid up to smooth her long hair down before slipping the blindfold over her eyes, jerking it tightly. The fabric pressed her eyes securely closed. Her knees wobbled but she maintained control.

She felt him whisper "Have you been a bad girl?" and shivered, nodding her head slightly in agreement. She sensed him walking around her slowly, and she shuffled her feet in anguish. She moaned silently, wishing he would get it over with. Holding her by the restraints he dragged her backwards and positioned her.

She squeaked when he grasped her hand and pulled her off balance. She landed roughly across his muscular thighs with her head down. He took a moment to adjust her to his preference. Sliding a hand under her hips, he raised her skirt, slid off the bit of lace and re-adjusted her position.

He ran a hand over the seductive spheres. He had seldom seen a finer ass. He eased her legs apart. In this position, he had full access, but most significantly, he could gauge her level of arousal by the reaction of her smooth lips between her legs.

"You know what is going to happen?" She cringed and nodded quickly when she grasped what he had asked. His next remarks were soft and seductive. “Breathe, my little pet." She felt her rigid body relax slightly. After a brief pause, his voice took on a sterner edge. "Answer me.”

Taking a breath, she answered waveringly. “Yes Sir, You are going to punish Your pet.”

“Good girl. Now, does my pet accept her punishment? Do I need to tie you down before I spank you?”

She faltered. She knew she was guilty. If he wanted to spank her, she would hold onto her dignity and allow him his satisfaction.

“Do you understand why you are being punished, why I need to show My pet the errors of her ways?”

“I understand Sir.”

She jerked when his hand came down on her right cheek. The pain was sharp, hard, and hot. She waited for the next blow and tensed up.

“Why are you tensing up?” The hand came down on her left cheek. "Do you think I enjoy hurting you?" She searched for an answer, but found none. Another stroke. “This is for being inconsiderate.” he growled.

After that, the strikes came unpredictably, after erratic pauses, on different areas of her red throbbing skin. His hand slipped under her and cupped her mound. Parting her lips with his second and fourth finger, his third vibrated against her hard bud with each slap of his firm hand.

"My pet likes this." He looked approvingly down at his wet fingers.

It took a moment for her to realize when the blows stopped. She jumped when he began to caress her throbbing red rear end.

“Shhh, little pet. This will ease the pain,” he said tenderly, holding her in place when she tried to move away.

Understanding the punishment was over, she relaxed. A strange feeling of freedom washed over her along with a lust she always felt in his presence. She had to admit that though it hurt, the discipline also turned her on. Her thighs were wet and her nipples were hard. Her whole body tingled.

Her breath caught when two fingers pressed into her. Then she sighed. It felt good. When another finger brushed against her clit, her hips shifted, asking for more.

The movement earned her a sharp smack to her still stinging ass. “Hold still. You will not come until I give you permission. Do you understand?”

She had to swallow back a moan before she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

After that, she concentrated on trying not to move while he played. He filled her with two and then three long, rough fingers. He slid them in and out while his thumb circled and flicked at her pleasure button. She fought her approaching orgasm with everything in her. Then he pinched her sensitive bundle of nerves and held tight.

“Come now, little pet,” he ordered in his steel-laced voice.
by Annalist
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