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October 2010

Final Flirtation
October 12, 2010

Sara's pale and seductive form was highlighted by the moon's lustrous iridescence beams in the clear night. The silvery water feathered her hair away from her face as her graceful body skimmed through, leaving gentle ripples in her wake. Her lips were slightly parted and her arms rose and fell with each rhythmic breath she took. Leaving the pool , she stepped into the warm night air; he caught his breath. He stared at the gracefulness as she emerged, revealing herself inch by agonizing inch. Her skin was like oriental alabaster and seemed to radiate a glow. Droplets of water tumbled over her naked body, caressing the curves of her breasts before embracing the shapely contours of her silky skin. He ran his fingers through his dark hair, releasing a deep sigh.

She scanned the darkness looking for some definite sign of her passionate lover. He always materialized, sensing her wordless invitation. Moving soundlessly, he pulled her against him, his body pressing into her curves. So absorbed in her own thoughts, he caught her by surprise, when his arms closed around her waist from behind, his warm flesh pressed against her. Gently, he stroked her ribs, his touch sending waves of heat through her body. She closed her eyes and leaned against him. Desire totally immersed her.

She turned in his arms. He watched her green-eyed gaze, lustfully rake his body, lingering a little to long on his unmistakable arousal.

Taking a deep breath, she reached out and her hand found his firm abdomen. Before she had a chance to think further about what she was about to do, he kissed her. His lips touched hers tentatively at first, as if he was uncertain. He kissed her again. This time his lips aggressively demanded her ardent response, and she complied. He edged even closer, threading his fingers through her long hair.

Her hands longed to investigate his compact body. Jerry hissed in pleasure. Her touch kindled a flame of desire. He slipped an arm around her waist, stepped back, and took one of her soft small hands in his. His chest no longer pressed against her lascivious breasts.

"Are you hot, Jerry?" Her hand moved slowly.

"What is it you want, my seductive lady?" His tone held a silent assurance.

"What are you willing to give me?" The heat of her hand continued to sear a steady path downward.

Ever so softly, his words brushed her body. “I’ll give you what you need.”

He had a very tender flirtatious voice. She loved the sound of his French accented tones as he murmured soft, intimate things in her ear. She flashed him a quick smile. His hand tightened as he drew her a little closer.

As her lips brushed his neck, she felt his strong heartbeat hastening, in time to the heightened thudding of her own. His scent enticed her as her cheek rested against his shoulder, her head snug, in the hollow of his neck. Her breath caught when she felt the warmth of his palm touch the soft underside of her breast. She moaned at the sensation, as his forefinger rubbed across the tightening skin of her nipple.

As his hands traversed her stomach, moving lower, her body trembled. He groaned in response. His fingers slid through her nether lips to tease her small bud, sending shivers spiraling through her. She thought how glorious it felt to be so close to him. She writhed at his touch, a touch that both tormented and excited her. It brought her higher, reaching just short of the peak of desire. She could hold back no longer. She wanted him now. He sensed her need. Sweeping her gracefully up into his arms and lay her gently on the pool step, her legs in the water. His body hovered above hers, and she closed her eyes in anticipation.

“Nothing looks more exquisite than a woman when she’s aroused.” Jerry peered intently down at her. His finger touched her cheek as he raised her chin. “I want you to look at me when I slide deeply inside you. I want you to know it is me taking you over the edge.”

She arched her back when he pressed the head of his throbbing hardness against her. They moaned in unison when he slipped easily inside her moist folds. When she felt the first delicious thrust of penetration, her moans, mingled with the seductive whispers of his accented words, incited their lustful needs. Jerry began recklessly burying himself deep in her.

She lifted her legs, and cried out as his unbridled plunges sent waves of deep gratification throughout her. His savage thrusts were giving her more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. The insides of her thighs were wet not only with the water, but with her response to his wild, untamed sex. She grasped him, holding on as they moved together toward delight.

Sara moaned aloud as she felt his juice flood her and felt her own release right behind his. The culmination of their lust ricochet through both. The thrilling ride took over their bodies, flinging them up, to impossible heights. Desire shimmered and crackled through them. The sensations were so powerful they could barely catch a breath. They were both consumed completely.

She sighed as she drifted back into his arms. Regretfully, she said, "You say goodbye in the nicest way. Do you really have to leave?"

“I said one day I was going to leave. And that time has come,” he leaned down and imprisoned her lips in a kiss that deepened to a storm of ardor. When he wrested his mouth from hers, he gazed into passion-filled eyes that took his breath away. They looked like an emerald sea with flecks of dark gray storm clouds.
by Annalist
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