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February 2011

February 11, 2011

She looked up from her conversation with the man at her table, and their eyes met briefly across the room. His glance brushed over exquisite, long lashed emerald eyes and moist lips, which he desperately wanted to taste again. He watched as her lovely glossy hair fell across her shoulder, her delicate fingers brushing the silken strands back to reveal her slender, creamy neck. He could just picture that dark curtain grazing her breasts and flowing freely over her nipples, hard from his hungry mouth. Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, he felt himself reacting at such thoughts about her. As he stared at her beautiful, gentle face, he knew he had to have her.

As he continued to stare at her from under his black lashes, she appeared to excuse herself from the dinner table. Barely skimming past him, her silky green dress moved with a seductive energy of its own. Without even a cursory glance around, she entered the ladies' restroom. His eyes meticulously tracked her every sway of her flawlessly proportioned hips.

"Excuse me Mary, I need the bathroom." His wife nodded uninterested and continued to give her full attention to the meal in front of her.

Ever since he’d laid eyes on her, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He pictured them together, limbs moving as one as he pushed into her soft body and brought them both a pleasure he knew would be incredible.Entering the short passage, he hesitated briefly outside a doorway. Glancing around, he urged the door ajar and swept the room with a searching look. Seeing her alone there, he slipped through the opening silently.

He stood in the doorway, one hand on each side of the door frame, and stared at her. The animal in him wanted to dominate, to take her with no gentleness.

A hand came to rest on her shoulder, and she jumped.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on a person.”

She turned her attention back to the mirror, all too aware of his presence behind her. Feeling his warm breath at the nape of her neck, her body tingled as she felt a desire course hotly throughout her. His body radiated warmth, and she resisted the urge to back up and delight in it. She wanted to rub up against him like an animal in heat and find out if he was aroused as she was. It frightened her, but at the same time, it excited her. Thank goodness he couldn’t read her mind.

He grasped her by the shoulders. Through the flimsy fabric of her blouse, she could feel his fingers were warm and strong. He moved closer and she felt the intensity of his lips trail up her neck. She shivered as he swirled his tongue over her shell-like ears.

"Not now, we are going to get caught." She tried to maneuver out of his tight grasp.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can wait.” His voice was rough with desire.

She breathed heavily, his words bringing her desire so high she didn’t know if it would ever come down. Her knees trembled. She’d never seen him so determined, seemingly out of control, and it frightened her. Not because she was afraid, but because she was sure she would not be able to refuse him.

Her body stiffened as his rough hand settled on the hollow of her back. Her heart pounded fiercely and her blood heated her skin. His touch felt so right, so good, that she knew she would never get enough of it. His hand was gone as quickly as it had arrived, and she instantly missed his warmth.

He grasped the hem of her dress and slid it up, causing a shiver of delight. He slid roughly down her body, his hands rubbing over every inch of her exposed skin. He seized her smooth thighs, whispering huskily as he gradually eased them apart.

“I’m going to take you right here, hard and deep. You want that, don’t you? You want me to fill you, make you explode with pleasure, like no other man ever has. You want to feel it. I know you do.”

She let out a quiet cry of protest when he jerked her roughly, almost violently, to him. Her body molded to the hard contours of his, as if they were made to go together, two halves of one whole. He held her firmly. With one arm around her waist, he caught her head in his hand and seized the thick mass of silky hair. With an almost gentle tug, he pulled her head back. Her nostrils flared. Her heated breath fanned across his face, and a wild despairing look filled her eyes as she heard his zipper sliding down.

He flung her forward, over the basin and held her down with the palm of his hand as his fingers ripped the thin thong off her body. She writhed under his control, and fire shot out her emerald eyes. Suddenly, he hoisted her up roughly, bringing his hips to mold around hers. His muscular thighs pushed hers open even wider, forcing her to rest on his thick shaft as it parted her moist folds.

"You like to play rough, don't you?"

He embedded his full length deep into her. There was no hesitation, no subtly or tantalizing slowness. He smashed into her with the feral voracity of a primitive man fixed on one single goal ... mating his woman. The thrusts were just as swift. He smashed into her ruthlessly, so unlike what she was used to with him. He always made it obvious how fragile he regarded her. Now, he was a stranger, taking what he needed to satisfy his carnal impulses. She couldn’t help but delight in the way he wasn’t holding back.

His passionate sexuality moved so hard and fast that she’d have flown forward if not for the fingers biting into her shoulders. With an unyielding grip, he held her prisoner. Not that she’d have tried to escape now. She was forced to balance by resting her weight on her hands. She let her head fall back, and concentrated on the growing tension, forgetting everything except him and the way he made her feel. As he pushed into her body, his hips moved hard and fast. His frenzied movements built up a euphoric inferno as he plunged in and out so avariciously that she could hardly breathe.

Her breath caught as her gaze locked with his in the mirror. In some distant part of her mind, a voice cried out that this couldn’t be real. It had to be a dream, a wonderfully dirty dream that excited her to the point of madness. He kept his eyes fixed on hers, keeping her aware of the details when all she wanted to do was get immersed in the moment.

“That’s right." His voice was low and breathless as he watched her expressions. "Show me how much you want me.”

It took him seconds to tatter her world into ragged shreds. So solid and heated, his shaft shook heavily in one powerful eruption as the rapture began to rocket throughout her, racing toward one final, soul-shattering explosion. Then he pulled free and, for a second, she wavered on the very edge of eternal bliss or possible total ruin.

She turned around, faced him, and stretched up laying her mouth on his. She kissed him, eager to drink her fill. He tasted so good. He pulled his head back and framed her face with his hands. His dark stare was intense, yet caring. A slow, sensual smile played across his lips, and he brought his mouth down to hers for a passionate kiss. Reluctantly, they parted and repaired the ruins of their hedonistic coupling.

She was going to have bruises, but the marks were going to be well worth it. She couldn’t even think past the pleasure she felt. Nothing existed at this moment. Nothing.

His lips curved into a mocking smile. His affair with her was so intense and intoxicating.
by Annalist
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“The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination who gets him” – Helen Rowland

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