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February 2011

Knowing touches
February 17, 2011

She heard him calling her to the bathroom. She realized he had run a bath and was now seeping in the warm oily water. She felt the cold tiles under her bare feet as she counted each step, pausing briefly in the doorway to shed her robe.

"I am here my love." His tender voice guided her to the bath. She loved this time together, so intimate and erotic. She had never seen him but her hands told her each time the ran over his warm body, that he was the man of her dreams.

As she slipped into the bath, his strong hands moved over her thighs and abdomen. His feet felt for hers. Moving to the center of the large tub, she pivoted around on his lap, so she could feel his warm breath on her naked skin. Open-mouthed kisses rained up and down her neck and shoulders. A soft palm cupped her breast, his thumb moving over her nipple, while he nuzzled her ear. She felt his fingers interlacing with hers, then lifting her arm over her head. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, scraping it erotically with his teeth.

"You feel so good." His words were full of passion as he held her tightly against him, his aroused flesh hard and pressing on her thigh. She wanted him inside her, filling her completely.

Sliding her off his lap, he rose to his feet and pulled her out the water. "My turn to wash you tonight." He faked a leering laugh.

She giggled and felt for the soap.

"Hand me the soap, Love. It's time to lather you up." His fake accent and tone was lecherous, and she threw back her head and laughed.

He ran the soap over her stomach, caressed her breasts and nipples with the smooth little bar. Once her front was completely covered in soap, he rubbed the bar between her legs, lathering up her already slippery lips. His fingers dipped between her lips and mixed the soap with her own juices.

She felt strong arms go behind her and the bar slide up and down her lower back. He ran his fingers between her cheeks, thoroughly slicking her up.

The way he kept flicking her clit with his thumb had her knees wobbling. She felt a finger slide inside briefly, and he sighed. She heard him reach for the shower-head and adjust the water. Then the spray hit her lips, and she sucked in a breath.

"Spread yourself for me." His voice was husky.

This was something new, but she obeyed and reached down, spreading wide open for him. The spray massaged directly on her tender spot, and she threw her head back. The water beat down on, vibrating her, tightening her bud of nerves. She was rocking against the stream. Every fiber of her body aroused. It started deep inside her, making everything fade as her focus centered on the feeling growing inside. Pleasure consumed her as she raced toward release.

She felt her thighs spasm as her climax built, tightening inside her. She needed a release from this sweet, erotic torture. The spray was removed, and she protested. She was so close. Then she felt the smooth huge tip of his erection pressed against her soft folds, gliding inside and filling her with firm pulsing flesh. She had to hold onto him as he thrust into her, hard, slamming so deep inside that she screamed out his name from the intensity. He hit nerves she did not even know she had.

He thrust faster, deeper and harder and the sensation sent her into a fit of convulsions as her orgasm crashed around her and set both on fire. She leaned forward into his arms and dug her nails into his back. The orgasm continued to rip through her as he plunged hard, driving himself toward his own climax. He slammed into her with one final thrust and shouted in release.

Her body trembled and she did not think she would be able to walk. Panting and unable to move, she had to wait until the room stopped moving around her. His arms came up and enveloped her, pulling her closer.

She smiled at him, reaching up to stroke his hard jaw line. His skin felt hot to the touch. Her whole body tingled and she could hear his heart beating, feel the rush of his blood in his veins. She drew in a breath, as they both slid back into the bath. She sighed in satisfaction and heard him get out the bath. Their love was blind but the bonds that bound their souls together did not need the visual.

"I will be waiting in bed for you, Love. Don't be too long. I'm going to spend hours just feasting on you." She imagined hearing him licking his talented lips.

*An abridged and edited collaboration with Mac.
by Annalist
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