Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
April 2017
2This is My House, Freak: A Witch’s House Rules
19Goo Disgusting & Gross
Goo Disgusting & Gross
April 19, 2017

Yesterday I took Remy outside for one of his potty breaks I was wondering what was taking him so long. I was sitting down in one of our chairs & I just whistled for him he was out of my line of view. He comes up to me and I notice he has this grey goo on the side of his face, ear, and neck. I bend down to take a closer look & the smell almost knocked me on my ass it was horrendous. I swear it made me so ill I ended up nauseous & with a terrible headache that lasted all night long. I took Remy inside wondering WTF as I cleaned him up if there is ever a next time a good friend of mine gave me a way to clean such a thing off my dog.

I had to clean his collar as well lol Remy knew I was not impressed at first he was not sure about coming up to me lol not that I yelled at him. Maybe deep down in his head he was going .... oh oh mom is wondering what I done did. It took me awhile to get him as clean as I could oh my the smell was still on him all night long. After I was done cleaning him up I went and washed my hands like what felt 100 times. For a minute I thought about using bleach to kill the smell, and fuck me I had not even had dinner yet not that I would smelling so gross. I jumped in the shower I swear I felt it was all over me. Anyways after I cleaned him up I went outside to see WTF he got himself into I shot hubs a text asking him if maybe he left something outside he has been doing DIY stuff around the house. There was a bottle on the floor that the wind knocked over, but when I checked it out the smell & texture were not the same.

I walked around some more looking down I see what I thought was dog poop we have baggies ready for picking it up, but the more I looked at it I noticed an eyeball enter me feeling grossed the fuck out once again. It was a mouse well what was left of it with all the stray cats we have well nature does what it does bye little mouse. We kept an eye on Remy all night it seemed just to make sure he was not infected physically he be all good the knucklehead. Hubby came home late from work went out with a flashlight and took care of getting rid of the mouse corpse. Thank ya so much there is no way I could do that well with a long ass shovel as I would for sure sling it over our back fence .... we have an alleyway.

Hubby also looked all around our yard also found nothing to explain the goo. Earlier today he shoots me a text informing me that the goo indeed came from the little mouse’s corpse. He asked a few of his coworkers oh them science department geeks lol .... Like that just grossed me out all over again bloody hell thanks honey.

I was talking with a friend about this the conversation went on to rats. One thing that I remember was well 2 things as a kid living in NY we really did not live in real great neighborhoods. In one building we lived on the ground floor the street gangs just about every night got into fights more than once they would throw rocks or bottles at our windows. I truly thought they would one day break in and kill us all. I recall the minute another apartment opened up on the 3ird floor we done took it. Irony we did get robbed twice while we lived on the third floor of that stupid building asshats used the fire escape to get inside. I was also so scared of our upstair neighbors that’s another story.

Okay the rats in NY I recall being afraid of them especially when there was a blackouts, or when we took the subways GROSS!!! Like I told my friend them NY rats are so large ya can put a saddle on them lol I was a young kid they were freaking huge. Also when we lived in a house here in Florida I recall my dad setting up mouse traps good times lol I was in my room when I hear SNAP! of all the freaking rooms that bitch rat was in my closet. I recall dad going to my room getting into my closet, and walking out with yet another big ass rat. Well I slept with all the lights on for weeks after that .... I took all my shit out of the closet washed all my clothes & cleaned up everything else.


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