Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
February 2018
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"Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
February 12, 2018

People as per usual annoy the fuck outta me.

This afternoon I parked my car like I always do at one of my client's houses. I was getting ready to walk my clients dog, and as always I had to gather up my stuff. I looked up briefly, and saw the chick again walking those snobby ass poodles.

I freaking hate poodles lol one breed of dog that I truly hate.

Anyways I am SITTING IN MY CAR .... I looked back down briefly to grab the house keys. The bitch instead of walking around my car something I do when I see people in a fucking car. Walks too freaking close to my car door idiot. I opened my car door & yep smacked one of the stupid poodles. I thought for sure she WOULD NOT WALK THEM FUCKING DOGS HUGGING MY FUCKING CAR!

What was I thinking she freaking never pays fucking attention always looking down on her stupid phone. For fucks sakes I got out of my car & said loud enough for her to hear. "Bitch you need to pay fucking attention." I had to go back tonight to the same client to walk/feed their dog, and again there is he idiot with those two stupid poodles. Now this time she stayed the hell away from me maybe she done learn something LMFAO.

I really despise most humans.

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