Today is November 24, 2017
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
May 2017

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May 19, 2017

i have been wearing cover girl makeup since the business closed.. but last week.. i thew it all away .. every bit of it and bought clinque, Nars and Este Lauder.. new creams new foundation, blush eye shadow.. all of it brand new..

I feel good about it.. LOL

i give his mother all that money each month and it adds up.. i told husband she wears clique and uses their products why can't i?

it is cold today .. had to turn the heat back on.. going to get the kitchen cleaned up and shower and dress and then when husband comes home .. he is at his buddies helping him move some stuff.. then we are going to buy new edging for some areas and new plants.. not too many but i want a wisteria .. and i want something for it to grow on..

i did have it on the deck but you can't re stain the deck

so i had to cut it down.. had one in the yard and husband ran over it with the lawmower

new hot tub lid is wonderful!! so light .. the other one husband cut up and we put it at the curb.. in large garbage bags..

Had lunch with daughter.. just went and had a sandwhich.. she told me her boss said that my daughter had said something and would not tell her who or what was said.. my daughter is not be chummy with anyone there .. the one guy who she worked with for years left for a new job .. he was the only one she really actually talked to ..

my daughter is so down today.. i breaks my heart.. i want to fix it.. that is what mom's do .. and i can't fix this.. she gets 3 weeks vacation.. gets 10 hours of over time.. and can go for her doc appointments any time.. and she lives 5 mins from there... but is it worth it if you are not happy

just seems like she can't catch a break.. it doesn't seem fair .. at all.. not at all

for me today.. i am down but not just becasue of daughter.. i have a few freinds.. and some friends from bowling.. but i don't have that one freind.. the one you laugh with and have fun and such.. my one freind.. she is my best friend.. she is now in a different stage in her life.. she has a grandchild she babysits and another one on the way..

i love my husband being home and such.. but he doesn't make me laugh ..

today i miss my mom so much but heck she would have been 94 .. we would not have been going to the mall anyhow..

but on a b righter note

i bought the wisteria and found a really cool trelis on line for it to grow on.. it will be perfect.. i am sooo very pleased..

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