Today is November 24, 2017
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
July 2017

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July 16, 2017

i paid the car registrations on line.. that makes life so much easier.. balanced the checkbook mine and mother in laws.. sister in law called and said MIL went with her sister and bought a bunch of clinque makeup.. "sigh"

we did find a lot.. it is close to where we live now.. i am pretty happy .. is it perfect? no.. but it is the closest thing i am going to find.. 6 acres .. 350 x 750 i would rather have square but i am happy .. all woods.. it is on a dirt road which we live off of one now.. but it is a busier road but we will be far enough back that will be ok..

the realtor has a couple who want 10 acres in my town.. they have the money to afford the house.. but i would have to move into another home.. till the one we are building gets done.. i have not even gone through 30 years worth of stuff.. i can not show the house with the cats and the dogs and the birds.. can't do it.. why can't life work out better..

husband and i had words.. i can see this is going to be a stressful build.. between him and my brother who is building the house.. there are some things i want.. it is not major stuff .. i want everything on one floor.. husband wants the two extra bedrooms upstiars.. well if we do that .. it is two rooms i won't use.. I need one for an office.. he said have the office up stairs .. won't use it.. so it is NOT happening..

my printer died.. i took it from husband when he closed the business.. i have only used it a short time.. but of course it is out of warranity.. pissed me off..

in one breath husband says bedroom is too small .. family room is too small.. then in the next breath he says the house is too big..

brother is already on my back over the layout.. he said you jsut took what you have and made it smaller.. well duh!!! I LOVE MY HOUSE>. it is less than half the size i have now.. brother is always saying i have too much stuff.. it is because he has nothing.. he is not sentimental.. what so ever..

gotta run finish later
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