Today is December 18, 2017
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
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December 4, 2017

my daughter called late last night.. her legs and arms and feet hurt so bad.. she could hardly stand it and made an appointment with her MS doc.. she said to me "could dad go with me" which i knew she wanted me .. so i cancelled my shopping day which she felt bad and i told her "you are the most important person in my can be done any time" she admitted she was scared.. she has never hurt this bad and she had me drive which she never does..

they are going to do another miri next week.. and she had a steroid infusion then we went to get something to eat.. and i just got home.. it is 5pm i left the house at 10 it was a long day for her..

it is hard to sit there and watch these people come in and out.. in wheel chairs and walkers and canes.. i sat in the waiting room for the 2 hours of the infusion..

sometimes i queston God.. and why this is happening to her.. she is a good kid.. never gave me any trouble.. is so kind .. i just don't understand.. i won't be here to help her and that is the worse feeling in the world.. she may be 36 this year but she will always be my baby..

the steroid infusion made her feel better right away.. so that is good...

it just doesn't seem fair..

the guy she is dating.. his friends mom has MS and he talked to his buddy because my daughter is tired alot.. that is so common with MS .. he told my daughter that the pain goes with it and why does she need to see the doctor?? really???? sometimes he gives me a pain in my ass

she has never been in this much pain and she confessed to me she trip going up the basement stairs.. she didn't hurt her self

and she didn't touch her nose .. that is one thing they always do amongst other.. and she missed her nose with her left side..

i called husband to keep him informed .. he was mother his mother.. he didn't sound too happy and he sounded tired.. and he whispered in the phone "serenity now" which was from seinfield.. that told me he has had enough of his mother.. he has been there all day .. he left the same time i did..

he said he was overwhelmed.. there was just so much stuff.. so it took all day just to get her to the new place and the stuff she had to have..

he will be tired when he gets home..

worse part.. while i sat there a women and her son came in .. she was 100 years old.. yes.. 100 years old.. had on small heels and walked and steady all by herself.. you would never believe it..

I just can't fix my daughters life.. i want to so bad.. i just want to fix it.. like i always have done.. but i just can't fix it..

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