Today is January 17, 2018
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
January 2018

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January 12, 2018

it was such a nice day yesterday.. luckily we went out yesterday and not waited to today.. now it is snowing and sleeting and just plain nasty.. and temp is dropping again..

sooo we went and looked at the brick we picked out on an actual house.. ewwwwwww neither of us liked it.. amazing how it can look good close up and awful far back.. I would have gone back to the brick store today but now with the weather bad i will wait till next week..

we would both like a metal roof.. but reading .. the cost they say is 3x as much as a conventional shingled roof.. but there is such a price variation in shingles.. so is it 3x cheap roofs.. 3x the expensive roofs.. This new house just has a standard pitch on the roof and it is not that large so i would like to still price metal when the time comes.. and we might.. we have shingles picked out.. I didn't like the place my brother sent us.. didn't like it at we went to lowes .. to pick up some stuff and looked at their shingles.. they have some really nice ones..

i am not big on mexican or italian food.. but husband is and i was not all that hungry yesterday so we went italian.. i had a pulled pork sandwhich .. wow it was really good.. and husband was happy ..

Last night i made salmon for me.. tuna steak for him and cod.. i over cooked it LOL mine was perfect.. salmon is so easy to cook.. there is a huge window of not being done enough and over cooked.. i was tired last night

today with all teh walking we did my knee is really sore but i have to get some work done around the house..
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