Today is March 19, 2018
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Next Chapter in the Book of LIfe by Tigerink
March 2018

March 2018
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March 12, 2018

Had lunch with my friend .. bitch to her.. she is the only one in my life that knows everything about me..

I told her i feel beat down.. it was a good lunch .. theraputic ..

before i left i heated the soup and took it to my neighbors.. he was up and was worried.. he said she had not come down yet.. this is noon.. and asked if i would go check on her.. I told him i had talked to her and she doesn't feel well.. i gave him a bowl and he is always so grateful.. i took a bowl up to her.. and she said.. "i heard the cat threw up in teh bathroom would you clean it up " "sigh" so i did and then said i had to leave

she said his daughter was coming over.. so i called her and told her i fed them so she didn't have to rush.. we talked for a bit..

this is irrational.. but i don't feel liked at the moment.. now my friend i know she likes me we have been friends for years.. but there is this feeling.. and i can't put it into words..

I wish my husband would either delete his messages off his ipad or take the cellphone number out so they don't show up.. they just pop up when i use his ipad in teh bathroom

I hate the world today..

I hate that my cat is dying.. he still looks at me with so much love in his eyes..

this time building the house.. i am doing it my way MY WAY.. let me say that again MY FUCKING WAY

not going to be swayed by anyone.. if it is something that does not matter.. fine..

My daughter has decided to go with the infusion that may cause breast cancer.. at least you can detect that early..

my hands ache.. i am sure that is just old age..

did i mention i hate the world today..

on a good note .. i found an email program.. that i think works.. the one i have.. i think i have not been getting my emails.. and i don't know for how long.. not that anyone emails on a regular basis.. but the accountant called .. he had emailed me for some other documents.. i always respond right away .. just wonder how long it has been..

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