Today is January 21, 2018
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Renkohr Tsunacheung by der Hofnarr
April 2017
5a totality of two
9"Record Year" - Eric Church
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301} nix on the photos & 2) rhinos and elephants

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April 20, 2017

Gotta go have the Social Security doctor do an exam for my spine...silly shit.

I have fairly decent "range of motion," but see, this is what they need to understand: I can't lift as much weight as I used to and I can't do certain things for very long before my back goes into pain.

About ten to twenty minutes of lifting and moving, I have to rest or if I don't, my spine will be in severe pain.

Just cuz you still have good range of motion doesn't mean your spine is in good shape, besides I have double scoliosis: base of neck {skull's bottom or whatever} and base of spine. The doctor says that the one at the neck is most likely the culprit for contributing to the good ol' cluster headaches.

I wouldn't doubt it.

Every morning I wake up, my neck is in pain, a fist sized area at the bottom of the shoulder blades is in pain and sometimes the bottom of the spine.

Like I said: just cuz I might have a good range of motion doesn't mean my spine is in good shape so they'd better take that into consideration.

I believe it is unfair that SS relies on doctors they pay to give exams...and if they believe you're ok, then you lose. It's bullshit.

Though I "did ok" on the mental, I know she will include that she thinks I have adult add and can't concentrate and have anxiety. I fucked up on the: "You have nine quarters, how much do you have?" Sheesh, I am like so stupid. To be honest, I know what that makes but under pressure and being stared at and graded, my mind went kablooie. I need to actually see the fucking quarters!


Therapist: "Who is the current POTUS?"

Answer, Me: "Do you want the joke or do you want the serious answer?"

Therapist: "Serious answer, no jokes."

Answer, Me: "Uhm, Donald Trump and he's the damn antichrist...oh yeah, sorry, I had to add that in as a joke."

Well fact is, take a look at it:

{though I agree with the 'Donald' as to what he recently did}---he took a big chance on further relations with the Russian Dictator Puto ...uhm...Putin---and bombed the air base in Syria...that is in the Middle East and pretty well fits into Revelations, right? Laughing

Oh yeah, funny too; history shows us what a fucked up fat, short asshole the Dictator {father and son} of North Korea is---he recently told him to "behave..." silly silly Trump.


Tomorrow, spine to be checked.

Just hope they are fair, just hope they understand I can't do what I used to, can't lift heavy weight, tho' I have good range of motion, that don't matter much since I can't lift-n-move around for long.

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