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Sight Is Optional by blindsighted52
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audio description tv
July 14, 2017

I finally got the cable network's version of audio description and I really like it.
Only had it 24 hours but have played with all the menus and buttons oh my lol!

We got new remotes too but it is hilarious that the box specifically for the Visually Impaired doesn't have the number 5 marked with a raised dot as every other remote did. Um the box is for the blind...the remote should be too! So I thought about it and marked the 5 with a bump dot. Nope too slippery and it slid off the few times I re-stuck it. to do this. I took four tiny bump dots and put them at each corner of the 5 button but in the space between the buttons which sticks them directly to the plastic of the remote. Ha! It worked! Now I can feel for the dots and know they are surrounding the 5 button. The brain still works lol.

Then when I washed clothes the dot on the washer dial fell has been there 2 years now...and getting Dick to comprehend wth he needed to assist with was a damn chore! Rolling Eyes I had to explain what was needed a few times before he got it and put it in the correct place. *sighhhhhh* It is sometimes very difficult to have an older sighted person understand things a Visually Impaired person requires. He damn sure understood when I said HE has to do all laundry until he marks that washer in the correct spot! Lmmfao he got it right first try and that crisis was over. Rolling Eyes

Bump dots are an awesome invention! Very Happy

Time to go listen in to some audio described Pawn Cool
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