Today is September 19, 2017
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Tzipporah's Thoughts by Tzipporah
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First Entry
March 19, 2017

What a strange journey life is. Just when I figure I have everything figured out something happens and all is flipped onto its head.

2017 has been a real flip. The biggest change is a new job. After 13 years I have finally been hired into a full time regular job. That means benefits (!!), a pension (!!), sick leave (!!), holiday pay and annual along with matching savings and health care. From the sounds of it just in time too before I get my healthcare taken away from the new political administration. I also only work 5 days a week rather than 6 as before. Wow. Too bad it has come at age 55 when I am falling apart and tired but I will take it.

Last year I took a leap of faith and went to Poland with a Holocaust survivor. I was so touched at the 10 day journey that I decided to rediscover my Jewish roots. I plan to return to Poland and Lithuania in August with a local group that is touring. My people are from Czechoslovakia but I am still afraid to go alone. I am hoping this trip will give me the courage to return "home".

I don't know what I plan to write here. Just my thoughts at this time I guess. Aside of my job which I love I am also a dabbler in art. I can't say I am an artist but I like to put things together. I am not a bold artist nor do I have any sort of training so it is just tossed together by intuition. But that is ok with me and sometimes someone actually likes something I have made.

I am also a big music lover. I am a bit country. I love hard rock, folk, classical, some pop and hip-hop and world music. At this time my favorites on my playlist are Holy Taya and Amir Ve-Ben along with Seafret. I also love podcasts and subscribe to many. My favorites though are Trumpcast and Unorthodox. I also enjoy Kol Cambridge which is Israeli Jewish music Smile.

I don't have a television but I do watch DVDs from Netflix and the library. My dream is to become a minimalist though that will take years unless I get a backbone Smile. I do love the idea though. My mother has become one since my father died and I just love her home.

Ok that is enough today.

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