Today is April 21, 2018
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Tzippity-Doo-Dah by Tzipporah
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May 18, 2017

What a stinking rough day. At least it didn't rain but for a couple of light drizzles. The temperature dropped as the day went on and the winds picked up making it feel more like early March. Did I miss summer somewhere??

The ticks are terrible this year. Every day I pull one off the dog despite him having tick dope. I am going to get him a collar also. This is ridiculous.

I've pulled three off of myself also. Two I got from the yard and one who knows as I found it on me on the way to work.

I called the dentist and cancelled the appointment for Monday. I have my art group meeting that day and I don't want to have to waste an hour plus with the dentist. I just won't eat a lot with that contraption in. It is ok as long as I don't chew too much. I like to chew gum while casing at work. It keeps me focused. So I pop the contraption into my mouth when I leave after disposing of the gum and all is ok. So I probably did it to myself.

I've been dragging out stuff for the upcoming watercolor group. I can't find anything I painted in watercolors but for one I did last year. I have two others I did in 2004. I also got out three books I like with watercolor art or about watercolors. I don't have a whole lot. When I work on things it is for a purpose like a card and so it gets sent off right away. I need that type of motivation.

Great, the cat has a mouse. She likes to take it under the bed and play with it. UGH!! She's so proud of herself, keeps trying to show it to me. Why are there mice in the house yet? Maybe because it is still WINTER outside????

She put it down so I took it and tossed it outside. It wasn't moving so she did her job. Now she's looking for it Laughing.
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