Today is November 24, 2017
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Tzippity-Doo-Dah by Tzipporah
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July 16, 2017

I left early so I could do some shopping before my club picnic. It started at 1pm so that gave me three hours. I picked up some Smartwool socks, a pair of Columbia pants I can roll up into capris, a Columbia t-shirt (quick dry, light weight), new pair of Sketcher Go-Walks (almost had to buy mens as they didn't have my size...amazing my size went up by one since last year Mad but I found a pair...not a great color but not horrible. They fit exactly like the men's but FOR ONCE the women's were $10 cheaper!!! That made the off colored ones the winner.)

I then went to the bookstore as I wanted a small moleskine with blank pages. They have totally revamped the store and the big rack of moleskine's were now pared down to one little shelf. How disappointing! I had the choice of the size I have (5x8.5) hardcover or the 3.5x5.5, also hardcover. I got the smaller one as it was the only one that was blank. So now I have a choice, if I need to pack lighter. I like to sketch small so it just may be the ticket. There were a lot of cheaper knockoffs of the moleskine but I bent them back and I can see the spine just won't hold up. I need to be able to really flatten the pages out to use them.

The picnic was a lot of fun. It was held at a new spot in a park where there was better parking and a picnic area with shade. We had music and food and a lot of laughs. I ate too much Smile.

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