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Audio Book Reviews
by blindsighted52
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The 37th Hour
July 13, 2017

The 37th Hour: Sara Privet #1 by Jodi Compton

I have no idea how long this author has been around but a GOOD author needs to tell her how it’s done!
The first two chapters didn’t even mention the man who is supposedly going to be missing…what the story is about! Finally it got to the soon-to-be missing man…in a couple of chapters it went right back to other things and people who apparently all tie in to the missing man. But in my opinion it is very poorly written and the editors should be slapped for putting slop like this out! Was it some newbie in the publisher’s building or someone’s spouse/kid/friend so they allowed it to go through?

I like stories that give the reader an introduction to the main characters in some way then they can slide in details and other things that should tie in with the characters. Not start off in left field, get back to home plate then out to right field!

Sloppy mess and the details about people other than the main one is very annoying. If this is book one in a series I damned sure won’t go looking for #2 and beyond!

I gave it until chapter 9 before I scrapped it and wasn’t pleased I’d wasted time yet again on an author with very poor writing skills.
Zero stars out of 5 Irked

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