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Audio Book Reviews
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Life Without Sight
August 11, 2017

Life Without Sight: A Journey Into The Worlds Of The Sighted And The Blind by Agnes Allen

Just like other books I have read about blind people and their lives…this was just as boring. The entire book took only about 4 hours to read and I didn’t hear one interesting thing in it.

Okay the lady became blind in the 1930’s or a bit earlier…got through school and college and married and had kids. Big deal. Entire chapters were about her siblings and how many lived/died, had kids, got married/divorced…the boring list is endless. Do not recommend any visually impaired people reading this if they are looking for inspiration…they won’t find it here.

Maybe I should write a book about VI life…I certainly wouldn’t bore to death any readers! No one cares about WTF I did before losing my sight bit by bit…I would talk about learning things and the ways that work for me to do things sighted folks take for granted. Tell readers it is okay to be pissed off that all of a sudden there are things you just can’t do anymore.

Anyway…this book sucked and isn’t worth the paper it got printed on. Shame on the editor and publisher who let this see the light of day. Yuck!

ZERO stars ugh! I'm ill
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