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Gay Man lost in Prozac Park by Terry
November 2004
1I'm fucking bored here in Siem Reap, Cambodia....
2Last day in Cambodia....
3Back in Bangcock again....
4Still loving Bangkok....
58th day at the sauna....
6I'm obsessed with getting fucked....
10I'm now in Penang, Malaysia....
11It's hotter than hell in Penang, Malaysia (my third day here)
12Still in Penang, Malaysia....
13Last day in Penang, Malaysia..........
14First day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia....
15The next day in Kaula Lumpur....
16I got "off" in Kuala Lumpur with a hot Malaysian guy....
17I fucked a Chinese/Malaysian guy (and loved every minute of it)....
18My love of horny Malaysian guys....
19Kuala Lumpur and winding down....
20Still in Kuala Lumpur....
21Last 24 hours in Malaysia....
22Back in sleazy Bangkok....
23I can't believe I did that....
24More on Phong....
25More on my sleazy life....
26Sleazy Bangkok....
27My date with Phong....
28A male whore....
29One more male whore....

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I'm now in Penang, Malaysia....
November 10, 2004

This the hotel that I'm staying in Penang, Malaysia that I got off the internet.

I'm typing to you this from an internet cafe where it's noisy from cute young Malaysian guys playing videos games.

I can't wait to get to Kuala Lumpur and get to a bath house and fuck a Malaysian guy or have him fuck me. I don't care as long as I get to be with one. I NEED to be with one.
Here are what Malaysian guys look like.

I'm now in Penang, Malaysia and the incredible hot sex and date I had with that incredible hot and horny Thai man is now a distant memory and you have to sit down, grab yourself a beer and make do with hearing me rambling about regular tourist stuff.

First, a little bit about Malaysia: It's one of the best and coolest (not weather wised cuz it's humid as hell) to come to altho coming to Malaysia for a gay holiday doesn't make the most sense. They're a Muslim country and the only one in southestern Asia. The others are in the Middle East. Because they're a Muslim country and even tho they have a bath house in Kuala Lumpur and even tho they're working on being more tolerant they ARE conservative.

They're no open "straight" redlight district in the capitol city even tho they are certainly female prostitutes. They are male whores (from what I read on the internet) but they don't openly advertised and you can find them in gay bars in the capitol city. Men can't walk holding hands in public like they can in Bangkok.

Still, Malaysia is fucking great. The country, in my opinion, is more beautiful than Thailand and it's one of the two cleanest countries in southeast Asia (Singapore being the other one). Because it's a Muslim country and the values that the Muslim people hold it's an extremely safe country. And they have cheap internet, too!

I got a cab to the airport for 450 bahts ($11.25) and even tho we boarded on time and the plane was supposed to take off at 7:30 p.m. it sat on the runway for half a hour.

I was thirsty and kept the water and orange juice coming everytime the flight attendant passed by the asles (sp- I don't know how to spell worth shit!). I blame my thirst on the curry chicken. Even tho I like curry it's spicy and I can really drink a ton of water because of it.

The flight attendants were passing out these purple flower orchard things to all of the women passengers and a couple of men asked for them and so did I. It really pisses me off that it's assumed that guys don't like the aroma and beauty of flowers and that it's somehow UNmanly to give flowers to a guy. That's bullshit! So I got my flowers and I was fucking happy.

The plane arrived at 10:30 a.m. and going thru customs was a breeze. I changed my dollars into Malaysian money and got a cab for 23RM ($6.11) and it was a long way, too. Cabs are fucking cheap in Malaysia (as they are in Thailand).

SIDENOTE: I'm still typing this from an internet cafe with young loud kids playing loud and noisy video games. The noise is getting on my nerves. I HATE FUCKING VIDEO GAMES!!!!

Anyway, on the way to my hotel it rained like a motherfucker. I'm on my 19th day here in Asia and this is the first day it rained and I was beginning to wonder if it would EVER rain.

I got to my hotel and it's a fucking nice hotel. $35 a night and worth every penny, too. It's actually $42 because they tacked on a little extra surcharge because apparantly I'm here on some Malaysian or Muslim type of holiday. I'm on the 15th floor (our of 29) and this is fucking awesome.

Right away I go out and look for something to drink because I don't think I could make it thru the night without something cold to drink. I go out and it's lightly raining by now and I find a KFC but they just closed up. In fact, everything closed up because it's midnight. The only thing open is some "Pussy Cat Club" and I didn't feel like going in there and being pressured to go on a "date" with a female whore with big oversized boobs. Nothing would meka me throw up more.

I go to the reception desk and say I want a couple bottles of mineral water so she tells me that I have a whole canister of water in my room so I go back to my room and I can't find the fucking canster of water. So I call down to the reception desk and THEN she makes no mention of the canister of water but saids I'll have to take some from the sink in my bathrom and boil it with the thing in my room to make it safe for drinking and I'm thinking this is all bullshit ALL FOR SOME FUCKING DRINKING WATER????

So I call room service (cuz there's a mini bar in my room but it's empty) and order 3 bottles of water and he arrives with them. The water is warm, of course, but at this point I don't give a fuck but I'm thirsty and I want water. I NEVER order room service because of their inflated prices but I was desperate last night.

I woke up and it stopped raining. It felt good to wake up for once without a hangover. I'm glad I didn't have any booze last night. I'm going to try to cut down.

I went down for my free buffet breakfast that comes with the room. It's similar to Thai free buffet breakfast altho Thailand has a better omellet. The nice touch this morning was warm bread pudding and a choice of several juices including Mango. I chose Mango since I haven't had that since when I used to go to Brazil.

I don't know what to make of Penang altho it seemed to be clean and nice. Other than McDonalds and KFCS I don't know what's here.

My hotel has a buffet dinner tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. so maybe I'll try that. I hope I don't eat too much. I don't do well on those all-you-can-eat buffets.

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