Today is June 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
July 2017
1Another Saturday Night.....
2Just For the Heck Of It
3Bad Dog Mommy
4Of All the Places To Mention
5Wake Me When It Cools Off
6Dust, Appointments, Recliners, and General Whinging
8Saturday Survey
9Sunny Sunday
10Robots and Storms
11Of Recliners and Linens
12Consistently Inconsistent
13Customer (Dis)Service
14Naughty Noogie, Cooking, and Still No Chair......
15And the World Goes Round
16Sweltering Sunday
17Summer Sucks
25I'm Back
26A Run On Prunes
27Nothing Much
28A Funny Story to Share
30A Lovely Day
31Quiet Day

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And the World Goes Round
July 15, 2017

Went shopping this morning. Mom wanted to go to the natural foods store for honey and to the produce market. "We need more vegetables!!" I really didn't feel like going. Even by mid morning, it was too hot. "You won't be able to drive when you have your eye done! We need things now!" (and how will buying vegetables today affect my not being able to buy them 2 weeks from now?? Are they going to stay fresh that long?)

We had some heated words, but we went. Found some good bargains at the market, but discovered Sat is not a good day to go, as much of the produce looks old (they had strawberries on sale, but many of them were moldy). But we got some good stuff, including plenty of herbs so I could make chimichurri sauce for today's steak, and a nice tabbouleh salad during the week.

Came home, got everything put away, which took awhile. Have to take all the veggies out of their plastic wrappers, put them in paper bags, wrap the herbs in foil, find room for everything in the fridge.

Once that was done, I finally had something eat. I'd had a headache all morning, first from the heat, and then not having eaten, and listening to Mom gripe and order me around. The meatloaf sandwich helped a little with the headache, though it didn't completely go away.

Then I groomed Nougat, and then started prepping the veggies for the sweet potato stew (which I had planned to make today, but had to postpone till tomorrow, cause it takes 6-8 hours in the crockpot, and I didn't feel like having to put it away at midnight), and make the chimichurri sauce.

Mom was busy sauteeing mushrooms, nuking broccoli, and getting her lunch, so I had to work around her. That's usually not too difficult in the kitchen, but today, I just wanted to get things done and would've preferred to have had the space to myself.

She finally finished what she was doing, and cleared out. I finished up the chimichurri sauce, got all the sweet potatoes and peppers cut up, the ginger grated for the stew, and washed the food processor. I was just finishing up the last bit of cleaning, was about to throw away a handful of garlic peels, when all of a sudden, the kitchen started spinning.

It was a very weird sensation. I grabbed onto the counter, closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. The room seemed to settle down, but as soon as I tried to take a step, it went all tilt-a-whirl again. I've never suffered from vertigo, never fainted, and very, very rarely have I ever had this spinning sensation. I didn't feel nauseous, just dizzy.

Eventually, I was able to crab walk over to the garbage pail, by hanging onto the counter and taking small, cautious sideways steps. Then I hung onto the wall and made it as far as my bedroom. I turned my desk fan on "HIGH", and lay down.

I ended up falling asleep for about 2 hours. Got up in time to take Nougat out before dinner. I have no idea what brought that dizziness on. I'd just eaten, so it wasn't blood sugar. The a/c is on in the house, the ceiling fan was on in the kitchen, and the oven wasn't, so the room wasn't particularly hot. All I can think of is that I hadn't had enough to drink (I'd had a glass of water in the morning, and a glass of milk with my sandwich).

I still have a slight headache (I had 2 or 3 glasses of water at dinner), but otherwise feel OK. Hmmmmmmm.......just had a thought. I usually drink at least one glass of iced tea a day, and today I haven't had any. Wonder if it's caffeine withdrawal? That could explain the headache, though not the dizziness. Still, it can't hurt for me to have some tea now.

So, I will close here, and go get some. Nougat's ringing the bells to go out, too.....even though she just peed and pooped before dinner. But the routine is Outside After Dinner....and we must, at all costs, adhere to our routine! (including, apparently, a daily glass of iced tea!)
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