Today is March 19, 2018
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I guess I have to grow up. by khh6
July 2012

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July 28, 2012

Feeling: in pain

Smile Okay yes I am in pain but that is my own doing. Cabin fever has set in and I needed to be around people. I needed to talk and laugh. I needed to look at women and just have maybe one beer too many and that shot of bourbon as good as it was kind of pushed me past my limit. It was worth it though.

I have noticed through this latest episode I tend to have more pain when I am dehydrated. I tried to drink lots of water while drinking but after the bourbon I kind of forgot. I think the nerves that are still firing are having problems because of the dehydration. So lots of fluids today and rest.

I like talking to the 20 somethings. I like the raw energy and the flow of ideas. I like the lack of experience that helps them take the risks older people sometimes won't because of the experience. I like the memories it brings back. The time I realized it was "our" turn to run the world (figuratively speaking) was an interesting revelation. So last night I talked and laughed. Listened to new ideas and gave support to the thoughts of taking risks. I hope I did not make too much of an ass out of myself but I really don't mind. I am who I am.

So today.......little slow. That is fine. I would like to go to the Celtic festival though. Just walk around if I can. They always have a drawing for a trip for 2 to Ireland. Would love to win that and take my son. I would like to share that with him.

Business was good this week. I am pleased. Met lots of nice people and had nice conversations. Got to help a few people that needed help and made my share of mistakes......all in all a good week. Learned something important about letting things go too. Almost able to do close. I will keep working on it until I am free again.

Once I wrote about how time does not move faster as we age. It only seems that way because the projects we take on as we get older are of longer duration. Require more from us so it seems like time is zooming by just because the work we are doing takes more effort. We measure our lives by what we have done. When young the things we do are measured in days, weeks or months. The older we get they are measured in years, decades.........when we look back it is easy to think time has passed us without our notice. The trick........the balance is to do your best to enjoy each moment and still do the things you have or need to do. Still accomplish those long term things without missing out on all the things life has to offer. The things that make life worth living. This is investing in your life. the funny thing about doing this is that everyone around you gains from your "selfish" investment. By making your own life richer you make others richer for knowing you.

It is hard for me to put this into words. I think most readers will understand what I mean by a selfish investment. Not the selfish that takes from others but allowing yourself to take care of care for gentle with yourself and nurture yourself.

Well enough rambling for one day.

Things I am thankful for:

Taking a moment to say hi

Enjoying the moment

the comfort in the knowledge that we own nothing in this life
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