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February 2012
9Finding life with less stress
24Press event / Doing art again
Finding life with less stress
February 9, 2012

A. is still in a lot of pain from the operation on his elbow three weeks ago. The doctor says the healing is going "slower than I'd like to see." Well, let me tell you, it's a damn lot slower than A. and I would like to see by far. The poor guy is up in the middle of the night almost every night when his last pain med wears off. Some nights he doesn't get back to sleep at all. Of course it is a lot better than that first week when it hurt so much he couldn't get out of bed. Now he's up and about and goes for hours without complaint. But every now and then it just gets too much. Yesterday he broke into tears saying, "I just don't want to do this any more. I want this to be over!"

Other than that, everything is going well. I'm doing pretty well with my resolve to stay stress free and just let life happen. I even avoided getting dragged into A.'s drama when he got over-tired the other night and started one of those I'm-mad-at-the-world episodes. I just said, "When you get like this, even though you are not mad at me, eventually it does come around to me. I might say a wrong word, or not respond the way you want, and the next thing I know, I am the target of all this anger. I just want to say that if that happens, I'm going to walk out the door and give you time to calm down." That stopped him in his tracks. A couple minutes later he went to his own room and fell asleep. A couple hours later when he woke up, everything was fine again. I felt happy that I did not get reactive and defensive and simply maintained my center of peace. I think it eventually helped him get back to his center as well.

I've been asked to participate in a political press conference here in San Francisco next week to support a proposal to raise California taxes on the wealthiest citizens. I was interviewed on the phone a week ago by the Courage Campaign. Then they called me back this week to ask if I would participate in their press conference next week. I have to do it because I believe in it so fiercely, but I'm not excited to stand and face hostile questions from the press.

Finally, I am posting below a graphic I found on the web and thought I'd like to share it...just a fascinating thing to see.

Love to all who read this,


Source: Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench
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