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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
May 2011
2mixed feelings
3feather in my cap
4all the words
5lament and dance-I'm gonna
6like emerson
7wild horses
8within the dream
9dancing boys and flying Jeeps
10two roads
11No Shortcuts
12love...or not
13musically speaking
14make it right
15sunday soliloquy
16alone with birdsong/interview!
17think it through
18quick note w/ update
19say yes
21condiment queen=ie.ketchup
22giddy gurl
23I Have A Dream
24trying to fight through it
26Better Way
27ya never know
29emersonesque today

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Better Way
May 26, 2011

Didn't get the job at Tiger High-but there's something fishy going on because the name of the position changed, it's open [says so on the website until June 3] and I'm still in the running for it. An email from Mr. K said they offered it to someone else. See why I hate the bullshit?

I've got other irons in the fire, and so more annoyed than bummed, I move forward. I just have to believe that the right thing will open up and everything will fall into place, the boss will be straight up with me, and it will be the right time. Gee, it hope it's soon.

We went to the state park after work yesterday. We grabbed a couple of subs, and some stuff from the neighboring store and had our supper overlooking the dunes. Afterwards we went down on the beach and walked around a bit. We saw a few dead jellyfish. Those are some fascinating creatures. We also saw a tiny crab bury it's way back into the sand after being washed up by a wave, and as always there are those little mussels who do the same when washed up on the sand, in huge numbers, they bury themselves back into the sand. Brian and I love to watch them. It kind of creeps me out to think we're walking on them. There weren't many bird about because the feral cats were roaming about-a whole heard of them. There must have been ten or twelve of them just lounging about.

#1 called me last night; he and #2 were at the hospital. No phone call a mother wants to get, but it wasn't anything major. Seems #2 stuck one of those landscaping staples [a long U shaped thing] through his finger. He said it bled a lot, but he washed it up, bandaged it, called his boss, and then walked home. #1 said #2 was cold and shaky when he got there, so they decided to go to the hospital. I'm sure a nice stiff cocktail of antibiotics and a tetanus shot were in order. No stitches were necessary, bandages and ice packs. So glad it wasn't something serious, and I hope Stephs didn't freak out; she'd the the kind of girl who would.

I missed yesterday's video so today you get two.

Day 29: A song from your childhood. This is one of the first songs I can ever remember singing.

And Day 30: A song that makes you want to help the world/environment/poverty, ect.

I do believe in a better way. I love Ben Harper. If there were a soundtrack to my life a lot of his music would be featured in it.

I must be off as there is a lot to accomplish this day including straightening out my unemployment claims and making a few phone calls.

Blessed be~
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