Because... by biggmamaz
February 2005
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February 11, 2005

The last time this site went down, i lost a piece. The other day, i lost another for the same reason. But, now that i stop and think about it....was it really my loss?

i think not, because my Young Master is not the least bit interested anymore. 2 of my five persons that listed this journaler as a favorite faded away as well. Why? Because they all were in dire need to know what had been missed during these past two site outages. My apologies to those readers.

For, a surprise, the man who was toying with the idea of marrying me was a bit taken back when i broke it off with him. So much so, that, he told me to go fuck myself. He is none the wiser as to what i do during periods of male abstinence. And it's only because men do not display any interest that i do these things.

No man has any right to complain about women not putting out! It's probably for the same reason that i divorced and bid the latest "good guy" farewell. Never should a man think that he is such an estute cock that he may fool the little lady about why he disappears! Believe you me...biggmamaz knows. You'd think the bigest hint of all would be that my children and their friends named me...Bigg Mama Z. No one pulls the wool over her eyes, unless she allows it! But, for one reason or another, men have a tendency to think that because their stories worked with their dear old Mom's, no other woman would be able to see past their lies either! Funny, isn't it! If only they knew, she allowed it as she very well knew that they would soon be gone anyways. During 'dry periods', away from men, I work doubles. I don't return home from work until after midnight, because...

Knowing that no one else is home, i still feel as though i have a lot of mouths to feed. My infrequent encounters with men, thus far leave me feeling empty. Empty, because there's a hole in my love-life. Everytime my heart begins to fill with sensuous joy, within a day or two, without any added male company it all leaks out. That's what creates my dry periods during which time if a man is interested, i am none the wiser. It's as though my heart stops beating as there's no lubrication to keep it functioning. There's nothing there to create a spark!
Maybe i need to pay more attenion to auto mechanics...they are famous for their lube jobs!

Again, i must regress to my imagination:
...i was beginning to wonder why the quick lube centers always take so long for the jobs to be done untilllllll...

I could see the mechanic's trousers were black from the oil stains, as I sat idly within my truck that had already been lifted up onto the hoist. Whomever that lady was must not have gotten a lube job for longer than the recommended 3,000 miles and/or 3 months! But, why was he not, instead under her Z28 camero, by now, to change its oil filter? He stood at the woman's drivers door- but she was no longer visible!

At first I thought, 'well, much longer, I'll soon lie down for a nap, myself!' But why was he now beginning to have weak knees, just catching himself before totally collasping? Damn, I still was wearing my white Nurses' dress! But I felt compelled to save the probably overwork mechanic from fainting....but there was no one else to let the vehicle back down to ground level so I could get out!

Instinctively, I turned my radio down. It was then I discovered the man was moaning, to boot! The truck door squealed as I opened it. The Mechanic, with gurgling speech said, "I'll be right on you, Ma'am!" My next thought was that maybe in his delirium, he was going for Employee of the Month...

Hurriedly, I lied down on my side. As I pushed myself out from the truck, my dress began to slide towards my neck. But, in rare occurrences as these-who cares??????????????
All I could think was that I hope that performing CPR wouldn't be required! At first I was alarmed, now unable to feel the ground although my toes were searching for it...

A baritone voice said "NO!! A little to the right with your right leg. Good, now try moving your left leg in the same direction. NO!!
Move your left leg over to the LEFT!" He then said to just slowly continue to lower myself down. I stopped when it felt as though a warm tongue was working itself into my panties! There was no doubt about it as his hands moved them and I could hear a sipping sound as his tongue then penetrated through my white pantyhose on to my clit, at first bypassing my vag...As I found a little strength to pull myself back into the truck, his tongue soon struck gold! That's right-Texas Gold! He then began to tantalate my clit using his well greased, left index finger. Sipping sounds were soon heard, as he slowly massaged my slippery vaginal lips, using his right hand's, middle finger!

If only my Young Master knew...he would surely put a stop to this now, vulgar, monkey greased pumping hydraulic pumper! I fought to keep from having an orgasm. Soon, there were two rapidly twirling around my clit, and another slowly sliding from one lip to must have been a thumb outlining my anus. Soon I could hear two sets of oral lips sucking, men moaning as I became paralyzed with excitement, no longer thinking of my Young Dom...

I am so happy that after being pushed back safely into the drivers seat, the door was closed behind me. I slid my dress from under my neck and smoothed out the wrinkles, as best I could. I wondered if I was going to be able to afford this outstanding service-and which one would be Employee of the Month! My eyes opened wide upon the truck being lowered to ground level. Young Dom, with a smirk, then said-"Move over luv, I think I had better do the driving from now on!"
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