Because... by biggmamaz
May 2006
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4No Boundries...
10American Voters ...Adhere to Simon's Wishes???????
11The Majority
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232006 American Idol (TM) !
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27'So...You Think You Can Dance'(TM)!!!!!!!
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30...a good turn
'So...You Think You Can Dance'(TM)!!!!!!!
May 27, 2006

So here we are, having another Sabbath...and all He can do to celebrate it is to go onto the messenger, ignore me there...then zilch! Now He can go to any messenger He likes, any time, until His eyes bulge out! I will never give a care, because i will never know! I have emancipated myself from His passive-aggressive behavior. I no longer need be on the internet, awaiting a window to open, surprisingly, by His whim! It will require His obtaining my permission to do so.

Now, i feel much better. There are plenty of other surprises to better attract my ever seeking attentions. It's time to leave my Holier than Thou site, as well. If He and Chubs were the best i could do there, then there's something the matter with it! I have tried to help it out for nearly three years, but my monies will do better at a site where there is a well deserving mate, for me. Besides, maybe the best help for that site will be for me not to be the most popular female there. It's high time for some of the younger-although not necessarily single, females to step up into the limelight. More power to them!

The goodness is just dripping from my fingertips, today! Last night i was within the company of a gent closer to my age...only four years younger, rather than the usual ten. He's employed as a Physical Therapist, until He finds another Dance Company to suit His talents. We had a good time discussing steps, other dancers and i thoroughly enjoyed watching him eat raw oysters from their shells. There is so much about seafood that i am learning, from the locals, here. If fish is an aphrodisiac, then, no wonder they are all sooooooooooo hot!

I thought tuna fish was a white, canned meat. He chuckled at my horror as he first dipped the circular red meaty substance into a sweet sauce, then plunged it into his mouth. Afterwards, he showed me from his next bite, how the outer circumference had been cooked, until white. That was maybe, .008 thick-no, i didn't have my calipers on me...i can just eyeball things like that pretty accurately. Now i recognise tuna fish as a delicacy, in the finer restaurants.

Once he began to metabolize the fine dinner of aphrodisiacs, his dance moves became more seductive. Talk about cliettes and demi-cliettes- why bother when you can do them yourself-with a professional dancer???? Later, our moves were three dimensionally simultaneously, in chord.

I was astonished to learn that he has not told his collegiate students that he instructs on Saturday mornings, about the new televised American Idol Dance competitions. He has already missed its first viewing, this past Thursday eve. He was anxious to get to class to include that program on his agenda. Who knows...maybe one of his students will join the competition, as the majority of them are under the required thirty year old age limit.
All I can do, at this point is to share the variety of steps that may make it to the finals...

I was wondering what i had to look forward to, after the finale of the singers of American Idol, but the Good Lord has seen fit to steer me towards dancing feet! American Idols'-'So, You think You Can Dance Competition' will soon have my eyes bulging watching for a young lass or lad that may out do some of my steps i make while wearing my dancing clogs echoing within the garage...

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