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August 2006
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August 3, 2006

What's high on my list of "to do's" is not to make myself happy. Sure, it's comforting to have a 'shuga daddy', but having one demoralizes me. The thought of using someone to make myself happy, well, that just turns my stomach. There is no chemistry there...just making mentions of what would be nice to have. If, i really needed any of those things...i'd just return to employment and purchase them for and by myself-with no strings attached! Maybe that's why i don't usually hang with 'older men'-BTW, Happy 45th to Young Dom.

Besides, shugga daddy hurt his hip, the other day. He said he was lifting something, and dislocated his hip. The following day, said he'd been to see the doc and a muscle relaxant had been prescribed and was working very nicely. When i spoke with him today, he said he'd been in bed all day. In the next breath, said he'd be by to spend the week end with me beginning at 8AM, tomorrow morning.

Whoa! He isn't even Jewish, and my sabbath begins at 5PM, with Shabbat. As nicely as i could, i told him not to come by, until some time next week, thinking of his injury and his '87 stick shift which frequently grinds. He's suspicious that i may have lovers. Especially because...

Last week end, we had gone off to Ocean Shores, WA. I had just finished frying four large frying pans of country fried potatos. It was quite amazing, as i was at a Non-Denominational home that had less than an eighth cup of oil. As i began to cook an additional large pan of potatos, i thought more and more about Chanukah. Being in America- the land of plenty, it has never been necessary for me to stretch oil sooooooo very far, before.

After performing, quite successfully, that miracle... the phone rang. Mo, calling my cell from Georgia began interrogating me about someone having shot several people, at the Seattle Jewish embassy. Shugga daddy was standing beside me and became upset to hear another man's voice...i had removed the earplug as i fumbled to answer it, and could hear our conversation. Having been alarmed, the Non-Denominational Family was kind enough to turn on the six o'clock news...

Come to find out, the perpetrator was already captured by both working and off duty Seattle Police Officers, shortly after the four o'clock incident. One person was killed, five others hospitalized with gunshot wounds...investigations in progress. After hearing that, i phoned Mo, ironically a Chef, with the current up to the minute news. By that time, shugga daddy made his presence known with garble and i was forced to bid Mo shalom sooner than intended.

Later, during this past week, it was discovered that the horrendous assault to the five Jewish women was done by a confused American- first generation Palestinian. I hope and pray that the future generations of that family become more encultured with the realisation that here, in America, United We Stand...and not allow the practice of the multiple religions to divide us. It shames me to think that an American would dare to try to lead others into a religious civil war here, in America. Heck, there are still repercussions from the racial/slave Civil War, to this day! Yes, i am ashamed of that, too. All i can do is to try to forgive...but never forget how divided, the United States and Families are shambled.

Anyways, i don't want to be with shugga daddy during tomorrow's Shabbat. He needs to stay home, and mend. Mo's friend, Master Chef and owner of the fancy restaurant in Georgia is coming to Seattle, this week end. I promised Mo that although he is a man of colour, i will share an evening with him. Come to find out after tonight's conversation with Mo, who his friend is really coming to visit is an actor who has a movie opening August 18th. That vermillion snake within my soul will definitely enjoy breaking bread with these two Black men. Me, myself, and I/i are quite honored (even if my Confederate Commissioned Officer forefathers roll over in their graves) a Motown Fashion!
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