Because... by biggmamaz
August 2006
5So, You Didn't Know Why We Can Dance?
9First Place
10Eternal Flame/...respecting
14The Waning Gibbeous Rays...
15Tell/Son Filled Day
16After All...A/amen
17...American Idol's.....
18Calus hands..
19Young Dom-last reference to (ie"...Talk with you SOON!)
20Bear/...His favorite...? blushing deeply!/The Stars
21Dear-G/goodness' S/sake
22-thought i didn't see ya, didn't ya?/Superbaby!
23All Ears, today
24Flower Age
25...that night...
26my mind.../Stairway...
27la la land
29...Almighty.../...Baaaaad Boy's Word!
30Ho -Hum Day
31Just another holiday-same reinforcement/ ...generations...
The Waning Gibbeous Rays...
August 14, 2006

Not having had a date, nor a single signal from Young Dom for the past two weeks, i found myself to be within a chatroom, called Masturbation Room, at an A/adult site. I watched the frequently miss spelled words scroll down at intervals throughout the day. Thought about directing some chat towards a chap, named, rhino...but he was the same age as one of my, i refrained...

It was not until the Waning Gibbous moonlit night that i became sickened. One man asked the other what he was wearing. He claimed to be sitting in the nude. The other gent (lovestickjoy) refused to answer, what his attire was, until....

I, softly said i had on matching pink panties and bra, black thigh highs, black camisole, white slip...and a smile. I proclaimed my sin of not yet having found myself a lasting sub. It was then that shaven admitted that he is a sub, in search of a Dom/Dame..and sheepishly said he was dressed like me-only his nylons were lace, up at the tops. I asked if he would care to be my sub...and would be expected to worship my Young Dom via nightly devotions. He no sooner had agreed that he would, kneeling beside me kiss Young Dom's proud shaft from tip to balls, simultaneously, than i heard His clicking Fingers...

Looking down upon me, He redirected my gaze to His suede boots. Peeking up, i watched His head turn and His Face rumple as He eyeballed the naked man who was now trembling with anger. Shaven asked lovestickjoy to put on an attire to match his and mine, as we began devotions to my Young Dom as the majestic corset was lifted, exposing the Manliest, most perfect Proud Cock, this side of the Great Pond! Shaven nearly shot his wad...but refrained. After a few precious moments, He had me to remove His dusty boots and begin their care as He motioned Shaven to hop upon His queen sized bed-the one with the mirrored footboard. Still kneeling at the thresh hold, i began licking some of the brown/grey sand and wiping the residue onto the side panels of my pink panties....i dared not to see what was causing the slurping sounds-because i am the jealous type.

Instead, i crawled silently away, into the adjoining bathroom. I needed to rinse out my soiled panties, as well as to relieve myself. As the Grandmother Clock ( like a GF Clock, except a foot or two shorter-standing no more than six feet in height) chimed that it was eleven hours past noon, i began to tinkle in the toilet. As i leaned forward, the faint tinkles against the inside front of the toilet became as loud as a MAN"S steady Stream! Yet and still, my Tinkling did not drown out the masculine whining and moanings both shaven and now lovestickjoy were distinctly making. I could hear the box springs harmonizing as my Young Dom dismounted His bed.

I couldn't wipe myself clean fast enough to return to my designated, boot swiping position at the room's thresh hold. Young Dom clicked His tongue when He saw that my panties had been removed-without His Permission!!!!!!!!
My eyes reddened with hot salty tears, but i did not allow a tear to discolour my white/pinking facial cheeks. He has already made clear that no amount of crying will change His Mind-about A/anything! Crying only causes Him to want to Disappear, until there is no longer any grief for Him to Witness. His Shoulders are already burdened what with keeping International Peace and preventing another 911 occurence. Yep, it's tough being a Dick, now-a-days....

Silently he motioned me into the shower stall. I slumped from the toilet seat onto the floor, forgetting to flush. He did not motion me back to undo my poor toileting behavior. Continuing to crawl, i found myself inside the stall. His muscular biceps did not flex to lift me to my feet. He preferred to watch me work my phat self up to my feet by dragging myself up, holding onto the tiled wall of French decor. As he twirled His fingers, indicating that i was to about face...those men's squealing were sounding more and more feminine! "IGNORE those other sluts!", was my only solace, from Him.

With back turned, i felt Trinkling at the nape of my neck. Golden Droplets rippling slowly between my His Stream warmed down my back. I heard His Lips part as i opened my buttock cheeks to capture the full force of His, now, unrelentless splashing Golden Stream. He stepped closer and began to massage my breasts gently while i knowingly, turned on the shower. This was only the second time, W/we showered together. My shoulders softened, but my behind instinctively backed into Him as He began to caress my wavey auburn mound, parting its lips to explore my genitalia... Sooooooooon, the clits hood disappeared from His unrelenting sliding of His right middle finger-with ring intact, against my throbbing, aching nearing next to vicious vagina almost screaming He please stop!

SSSSSSSSSSoooooooooooooooooner than i anticipated, His slippery snakelike Perfect Penis was slithering Itself into me, causing me not to plead for Him to stop, but rather O/our H/harmonious acapella R/rejoicing S/sounds echoed within that shower stall as though we were within Harmony Halls, of Chicago as W/we began to quiver simultaneously under the cooling waters of O/our S/shower.! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally spent, W/we retreated back into the bedroom. My knees were pinking as i crossed the carpeting. He again, motioned... this time for for me to mount upon His feathered matress. From watching His eyes, it's difficult to decipher whether or not He was genuinely amused with my suggested choice of new subs. I could see glad lines develope around His Orbits, as the two girly sounding gents continued to froehlich upon the floor- the naked one now snapping the others gartner against his thigh-causing his lacey topped transparent silken black hosiery to droop. Maybe those two are a mismatch, i whispered '...even so, they please You?'

He never answered my inquiry, as a couple, named Jnucouple began to knock on O/our Open Door, bidding His Permission to entertain themselves...and/or HE! I just looked away...silently watching the soft rays emitting from the Waning Gibbous...falling asleep sooooooooooon...
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