Because... by biggmamaz
August 2006
5So, You Didn't Know Why We Can Dance?
9First Place
10Eternal Flame/...respecting
14The Waning Gibbeous Rays...
15Tell/Son Filled Day
16After All...A/amen
17...American Idol's.....
18Calus hands..
19Young Dom-last reference to (ie"...Talk with you SOON!)
20Bear/...His favorite...? blushing deeply!/The Stars
21Dear-G/goodness' S/sake
22-thought i didn't see ya, didn't ya?/Superbaby!
23All Ears, today
24Flower Age
25...that night...
26my mind.../Stairway...
27la la land
29...Almighty.../...Baaaaad Boy's Word!
30Ho -Hum Day
31Just another holiday-same reinforcement/ ...generations...
Just another holiday-same reinforcement/ ...generations...
August 31, 2006

It appears that it's going to be a promising week end. It's a Holiday week end. Labor Day. Last year, I didn't work it, because I went to Vegas. This year, I'm not working it, because I am not employed as a Nurse. After 21 years of service, I deserved a break. Most people retire, after twenty years of service. I'm nearly ready to get back into the rat race. At least, now I know that the reason I never remarried, is because I am not compatable with a man. Their frivolous ways are just too prissy, for me:

I'll love her always, at least for today
Soon I'll discard her, perhaps tomorrow
I'll never see her again, I'll never hear what she has to say
Why care, all is fair, I'll never hear tell of any sorrow
For who in their right mind understands mooing from a cow
It's all about being a stud bull
Who has the deepest push and pull
I showed my true colours on her feather filled pillows
Now, she best trot along to find some other fellows.

Cruel, but that's about all I've learned, over this past year. And, that's ok. Sometimes, it's best to be in the Know:

I know she loves me
I know, and she has my deepest sympathy
She's a cow, a mooer, nothing more
Utterly I serviced her with sincere mercy fondles
She's only a part of the herd -a woman never crumbles
I did my part, gave her a good tumble
Now, she best trot along to find some other fellows
I'll not be around to hear her pathetic rumbles.

Yep, I'm all through with intimate relationships as I can not relate to any of that. Best to avoid sticky situations, I've always heard, and now I know that's exactly right. Best to be devoured by toil.

See how hateful i've become at night? That's only because i was trained to expect a phone call between 8:45-11:30 PM. And, it isn't that i don't receive any...just not from whom i would most favor to hear from. Actually, i cut everyone else off short, or don't bother to answer. Another tick off is someone keeps calling my secret cell number and hangs up just as i say 'hello? hello?' Usually i don't have enough time to stick the ear plug into my ear, as it's always tangled, by the time i've relocated it a few times, then begin re charging the battery after a few days and nights..why do i keep hoping?????

Aside from that, it's a cheerfully sunny Thursday. My grandbaby is sporaticly saying three syllable sentences. What's weird about that is he says things emphatically and appropriately! When the greyhound sized dog barks just outside the glass backyard doorwalls, he casually looks at him then says "Hhhhhuushhhhhhhhh! So crystal clear and manly! I am ever so proud of him. What's even better is that Picolito obeys him, between that and his commanding hand signals. Sometimes, he tries the hand signals out on me, but they don't work-unless he's about to come to harm! Other than that, he must speak. I am bilingual, so baby talk is a cinch (ie sure thing) for me. We still work on the correct pronunciation, though, as the speech area of his brain continues to develope, and control of his vocals, tongue and the ability to form words with his mouth. He no longer has to put his hand in nor over his lips to say things. He's a natural orator- totally confident with the delivery of his communicative skills. That is only surpassed by his ability to comprehend what is said to and/or about him.

His personality is cheerful, humours and delightful. He smiles to greet everyone. That is until lately, which is totally normal. If a stranger speaks before he's had a chance to be introduced, he'll cry. If the stranger tries to make a funny face, on top of that, he'll wale! Should someone touch him first, he'll panic! At 10 mo old, it's totally best to hold and to allow this child to slowly overcome his fear of the unknown individual. He must be allowed to be the first person to make the initial hand to hand contact. I guess that's why the common courtesy of handshaking with respectful eye contact has been passed down generation after generation from, probably, the beginning of time.

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