Because... by biggmamaz
January 2007
1Resolution/Lay me Down to S-C-R-E-A-M !!!!!!
7Hear/Running away...
8...spin that yarn...!!!!!!!
10Working Arena
12Hooking up...
14It's Time!!!/ Rude,Inept Phone System...
15Holiday vs Winter Warnings
16...a good sign...? American Idol...warming!/ Count Down... awful....
18Young Dom? Oh, yeah..the Telephone Parrot!/...and his asshole followers...
19Valentine's Day
20end to end...
21"Eight Days a We-eek....."
25Blabber Mouth
27We'll see....
28-no One may Forsake-Untouchable Wantings
29pleasing day...
It's Time!!!/ Rude,Inept Phone System...
January 14, 2007

It's Time!!!
Sitting around at work
Thoughts drifting back and forth
Work, play, work, play-with You of course
Mesmerizing..... deeply
Shifting my bottocks within my seat
Swaying my memories inside, almost out
Nearing day's end
Wishing to exclaim Glory Be and shout
It's time, it's time-oh! Yes, Sir it's Time!!!

Quite possibly by 2000, tonight, the phone company may have my outside line repaired. Sure was a bummer to have phoned my new # from work, leaving myself a voicemaile-then coming home to find the line dead!!!! OMG!!!! That was awful!

The only thing that made the situation ten times worse was when the automated male receptionist switched me over to the Spanish speaking, automated lady. Of course i phoned back when I could not obtain satisfaction, from her either. After going through the automated male receptionist over to the automated repairman (who sounded exactly like the male receptionist)...the machinery finally transferred me over to a human who understood exactly what 'dead line' means. She said that a repairman should appear sometime between Friday night and Sunday. This eve, the automated receptionist/repairman informed me that by 8PM, Sunday, my outside phone line will be evaluated. the machinery is going to have a live man up on an icy telephone pole. Somehow this seems inhumane. Down right arse-backwards.

Well, phoened the telephone company after 2000, discovered someone had been out and left a note on my door saying he needed to have come inside to resolve the issue. After a half an hour of listening to the automated receptionist who frequently could not understand words, nor could he compute his requested numbers dialed on the phone's keypad...i got thru to a human who tried to make me feel that i needed to have been available to answer the dorr. Why would that have been after the automated receptionist and a human had assurred me that that was not necessary both Fri eve and Sat eve?????? After taking another 45 minutes to get back to a human, he could not answer the simple question...why wasn't my cell phone called, as instructed should there be a problem? After all, i am talking about a worlwide phone company making a phone call back to a paid in full, paying customer.

Both humans informed me that although tomoroow is a holiday (Martin Luther King Day) that their repairmen are working. That's a weird thing about that holiday...the only way to receive holiday pay for it is to actually go to work! So, because i would like to receive holiday pay, i must go to work, turn around and come back home in time for the repairman to arrrive. This has been an awful weekend nightmare what with not knowing when the repairman would be coming...even during normal sleeping hours, worrying that he may indeed need to come inside and i might not hear the doorbell ring, but, when i slept it was when i remembered that he'd phone me if he needed to come inside...What a hoax!

After not having a peaceful rest since Thursday night all because of the phone company's ineptness and lies, I wish to blow up it's automated phone system that so rudely transferred me to foreign speaking automated phone systems, telling me it had information regarding my 'toll' service then when i finally told it i would listen to his available information was told that that service was not available, telling me he wasn't sure if he got the information and to please repeat-speaking louder made it get less 'right' causing a redirection to another area with the same automated voice-my God that's a rude system. A human would unquestionably be terminated. I want to trash the phone company's automated phone system because it is so undeniably rude with it's always uplifting tones which are not always appropriate. Furthermore, it does not follow instructions, such as may I please speak with a human, I need to talk with a human being, no, you can not help me, I need to speak or talk with a human being, a person...a man...a woman!!!!!!!!!

And, my next words will be to cancel the concept of landline phones altogether if tomorrow does not bring me any phone satisfaction. I mean it...I've had it with belonging to the establishment. Call me fed up.

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