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October 2008
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October 15, 2008

I am totally amazed that upon seeing a box car, from a semi-truck outside the employees entrance of the comments. I guess the walk-in refrigerator has been out, since Thursday, past. The back end of the semi-truck is refrigerated. As the CENA's walk past, they say, "That's why I can't get any overtime money!" Others are talking about their revenues from the stock in their 403-K's. Am I too patient oriented?

Sure, it's a Bear Market out there right now, but I go to work to deliver patient care. That is what I think to help these poor old folks to feel less depressed about going to die in a nursing home.

The one legged old non-compliant diabetic fart had a stroke, last week. That occurence has at least made his loud mouthed wife realize that the world is not revolving around her 334 pounds of USDA adipose! And, after my three day week-end, I returned today to learn that the old Nazi patient had been sent to the hospital and his bed was filled with a Hospice Patient...and, the man who has been readmitted seven times over this past month returned today and is now a Hospice Patient! I can't tell you how frustrating it was trying to get that man's daughter to understand that the reason his platelets kept dropping causing him to hemorrhage was due to untreated leukemia...well, her choice was Pro-Life with chemotherapy, or continued deterioration up to and including death. I guess she thought that by his going out every other day to receive a blood transfusion would cure his cancer, thinking in terms of a car having an oil change. I guess her theory is proven a fallacy as he did receive 7 pints of blood within thirty days-thanks to monies from the US Govt-Medicare, and continues to deteriorate.

My relief comes from not having to worry about his bleeding to death between my 20 minute to half hour rounds. I can continue to deal with his abrupt personality changes knowing full well that they are caused by intermittent intracranial episodes of hemorrhaging...and thanks to my eldest brother's, ex-Marine training during my childhood.

I can protect myself from any man with the art of proper hand holds carefully done so as not to cause any un-necessary bruising. I know to stand too close so he can not give a solid punch at me nor a hefty kick at me. Most important, I will not turn my back to him. He stands six feet tall and still weighs 170 pounds, having lost twenty pounds rapidly, over thirty days.

Back to the loud mouthed trailer trash...I am so happy that her husband is in the hospital and has not phoned at 10pm so that I may carry the Physicians' cell phone to her, for phone sex. The CENA's are never around to do that duty, but, the night he came to see for himself that she was asleep and was escorted out because I would not allow her room mates to be disturbed, one of the CENA's had taken it upon herself to awaken the woman to tell of what had occurred. After that phone call, she was totally appalled, because, afterwards, she then had to clean the woman's urine filled diaper and rewash her left hand, which wreaked of excretions from her vulva. That made me happy too. Now, she hides at 10pm with her peers! But, like I said, since his hospitalization, he has not phoned...

Just this past afternoon, when I came on, the woman complained to me that the cell phone had been missing all weekend and asked if I could find it. At 10PM, she asked that since no one could find it, if, I would let her use my private cell phone. Maybe, I was wrong, but, if he were well enough for phone sex, he would find a way to phone, I nicely reminded her that at hospitals, phone service is shut down at 9PM, so that patients may get a night's rest.

I also reminded her that her husband will require an Extended Care Facility upon his discharge from the hospital. She was elated to learn that should she and he each choose, that the facility has to room them together. Her next question was what her husband jokingly had asked me, before he took her home last month, "And...will there be a lock on the door on only the inside, so we can fool around?" I could not promise that, but did remind her that per state Rules and Regulations, when a door is closed, staff must knock and enter with permission only, leaving us to only imagine what is happening behind closed doors....

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