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November 2009
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4What Would?
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True Blue
November 24, 2009

Having nothing better to do, or to want to do, I did absolutely nothing, upon returning home from a twelve hour day at work. I did receive a phone call, from a doctor that I have not heard from for the past two years which prompted me to phone my doctor's office to see if there was some news about Friday's x-rays. Of course, with it being nearly five o'clock, they were in the process of closing, which the other office already had at four o'clock. There does not seem to be any advantage with working twelve hours a night, within the medical field. Oh well, I did not miss a step at work, if the x-ray did show up a heel spur. I was not a minute too late for any goings on with nearly running up and down the hallways, if the x-ray did show up a fractured hip or dislocated vertebrae within my lower spine. It is common knowledge that Nursing is a back-breaking occupation, so, what would be the hurry to confirm that one has one? The Nurse may just wait in line to hear any life impending news until the next day. Sometimes, tomorrow can not get here soon enough!

The tetracycline is helping to reduce the redness of my facial complexion. The neosporin gel over my eyelids is helping to control the redness of my sclera as it apparently melts, while worn, dripping down to over the eyelashes resulting in soothing the dryness of red eyeballs. Only thing is that, at times I must bat my eyelashes to clear my vision if a hunk of gel falls into my eyeball! The positive thing about that is, more and more people are being educated as to what Rosacea is and does. Being so fair skinned does have its drawbacks, but, its detriments may be controlled. Apparently, I have the genetics of my father's Mother from out of Ireland, and the same culture's from my Mother's pool, if the current thoughts on the XX, XY factors jive.

I do not whole heartedly agree that a son is 100% of his father's make-up, carrying his female gene from either his father's mother, his maternal grandmother's, or, his own mother thereby completing his XY=MALE Factor. Nor do I believe that a female's genes are identical to that of her mother, maternal or paternal grandmother thereby completing her XX=Female Factor. That alone would give rise to a fallacy that a female does not really have a father and that his sperm is only a concoction of female factors with the occasional delivery of a freak of mankind, the XY Factor!

No, no, no! I see each and every child as having the makeup of a combination of whatever each parent is! For example, with my sons, parts of them seem to be me, whereas others are traits of their father-none of which is identical to either one of us or our sets of parents. My children are a blend of me, their father, their forefathers and foremothers, as are all other children's descriptions. That is what makes each and every child unique as the gene pools never combine exactly the same-not even with multiple births and/or sets of twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. They may look alike, but certainly do not act alike although having been reared within the same society. I see offspring as with mixing two different colours of paint, and, that is why blue may not always be, True Blue!

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