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September 15, 2011

The latest 'pep-talk' by the unit manager was. "As soon as one of you are terminated, I'm transferring to your spot. I would enjoy working the floor!" This was said to three nurses, 50 years old, plus. Sounds like a court case brewing, to me. What a nut! Funny, how my prediction of how it was all going to come down is happening since the company owners changed in July.

The new company's policy is that Unit Managers do work the floor, meaning, performing hands on care. The current managers cover one another to assure they receive their due three-four week vacations while declining the request of floor nurses who are burning out at rapid levels due to the heavier work load from the resigning nurses who saw the light. It is below the current managers to cover the unit to allow for floor nurses to take a vacation. It has been difficult working as a third class citizen...if I were raised in India where there are the different sects of classification, perhaps I would be more tranquil.

Berry Obama ie Barrack Obama Jr/II, not to be confused with his father,Barrack Obama and who did attend Harvard University, has an advantage over me on this one. Heck, if I had access to leer jets - two at a time, I think I would be traveling back and forth to Seattle, WA to maintain my strong family ties and to assure my WASP status, a trip or two to the UK, every two months or so. That may help me to battle the fatigue brought on by my occupation, as well.

Seems, one of the contingent politicians does not have a plan for Over Sea Warfare. I think, as did Berry, all that needs to be said is that travels were made to where American Warfare is occurring-making for World wide travel, I do believe...or, maybe make mention of his military experience-especially because presidents now a days claim to have the qualifications to determine where and how many soldiers must endlessly load their ammunition and pointing their weapons at the slightest whim of their (by law) leader.

I think, Americans will be looking closer for these qualifications, regardless of whose name is listed on the voting ballad-not that it is solely The Electorates' votes that determines who will be the American President. It is thought that the Electorate votes on how ever the popular votes tally within his district. As I said, it is thought...just a thought. That makes for the president not to worry about whatever the common ie third sect citizen thinks about him.

No need to worry nor to listen...all that need be done is to keep his chin tilted slightly upward so that he may peer downward at others. If Obama JR/II ie Berry learned nothing else by being raised in India or wherever, he has that aspect of body language, down pat. The UK hierarchy does not do that...why does he?

Well, no one has ever said he was brought up proper-other than he. No one dares to dispute that, as, they will soon find themselves unemployed. Let's not talk about the outlandish number of non-working Americans who now have not a pot to claim, let alone to piss in (nor anywhere to keep it due to having lost their homes due to bursting bubbles and what nots).

There were a lot of call-offs on Monday and the unit manager along with the MDS nurse and the wound care consulting nurse's bubbles were bursted. Not only were they required to come out of their offices to actually see who the residents are, they had to perform hands on care-they had to touch people! The good think is that now, maybe, their reports to the government recoding the patients may be more accurate, when compared to those from floor nurses. That will, in turn, make the State Surveyors jobs/reports easier to write, as well as more accurate as is how the Federal Government mandates.

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