Today is May 25, 2018
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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
April 2017
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Catch up
April 20, 2017


Time is just flying by.. wow.

Not a lot going on around here, which, is always a good thing. Kids are doing okay, Dee is almost done with school, She graduates next month.. cant hardly believe it. When I started journaling here back in '05 she was just starting school. She wants to go straight to college, but with no money, I don't see it happening. FASFA is a joke, I'm having a hard time getting through it. I'm a horrible mom. This should of all been done last year. What I really want her to do is work. I want her to get work full time, so she knows what shes getting into, she need to save money, and get a car, and then after that, I want her to try and start college.

Noah's doing good too. He's got his car, and his attitude is soooo very different now, he's happier, more easy going, even his attitude at work has improved and he's being rewarded because of it, more hours, more recognition, He's being more responsible, I like this Noah. I was afraid when he got the car he would go wild, but he hasn't, he's mellowed out. I've actually got to see him more too, he stays a night or 2 every week, brings his game, and chills in the basement. I think he's talking to a girl too.. I'm just happy he's happy.

Jake, is still jake. Still driving me nuts. I talked to one of the supervisors at work last night, shes one of my favs, I asked her about bring Jake in and let him chill in the center because he listens to the 911 feed daily on his scanner, he LOVES that stuff.. and she was like, oh hell yes, anytime shes working, I could bring him in! she said she would even get him a headset so he could listen. Awww, I wanted to cry!! She said I could bring him in every week, when shes working if I wanted! So, I think I'm gonna start doing that, NOT every week, but maybe as a reward to jake for doing things I need him to do.

in other news..

I'm still talking to HOTTIE with the BODY, Dan. He said he's gonna try and make it up this weekend.. yesssssssss.. because mama is hungry... lol

Then, get this shit..

Last week, Rob (you all remember this dickhead, I busted him about his gf, so he tried to fuck with my jobs) went me a message on facebook. Saying he was sorry for the way he treated me, that he was in a bad place, blah blah blah blah blah. gave me his phone number and asked me to text him. Nope, not texting you, he's totally not getting my number again. So, we chatted, we kept it light, he made a few sexual comments along the way.. which were hard for me to ignore because, his dick was a lot of fun.. we did have good chemistry together.

So, earlier this week, he was working a few streets down and kept asking me to drive by and say hi. lol umm no, sorry. all the while, he's never said a word about his pregnant gf. I've kept my distance.

Then yesterday, he hits me, saying he's single again. They were "done, beyond done" I was like, I'm sorry. Hes packing his shit, he doesn't know where he's going.. all the while I'm over here like, not my problem.

Then, when I got off work, he started messaging me again. He wanted me to come over, SHE took the dog and left, they were DONE, (again) I was like, are you high? if he thought I was going to go over there and have sex with him in her bed, he was WRONG.. and let me tell ya'll it was hard to tell him no.. I really wanted too. Then he flat out admits that he messed up when he choice her over me.. and I'm like.. we were FWB, nothing else, there was no chance of him and I being an US.. ever. Then I told him I had someone, I didn't get into the details of it, because, although Dan and I are technically FWB too, he doesn't need to know that..

Even after I told him all this, he tried relentlessly to get me to come to his house, and kept saying that he knew that I miss him and his cock, and the fun we had. I'll admit I do, but I don't miss the drama. and hes heartless, they break up hours before and he's trying to get me to screw him 2minutes after she's out the door. Nope, no thanks. I told him I was happy with Dan and where it was going, that I moved on, and he said okay.

My friend boo told me to stay away from him, that he's gonna take me down with him, and I do believe that is true. I will keep my distance, he burned me once, he wont get the chance to do it again.
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