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March 2017

Tearing Shit Down is FUN!
March 20, 2017

I've finally been sleeping better the last couple nights. Woke up feeling great yesterday, then not long after I was up and around, Z hit me up asking if I still wanted to come help with that old house. Hells yea! So I went over to help him tear down a house. Very Happy As soon as I got there he started making fun of me; my clothes, my shoes, I only brought one hammer. I told him to go back to work and he chuckled at me. He pointed me to this room, told me it was kinda girly so I should take it, told me to have at it and left me to it. I put on my headphones, got some heavy metal going, when I got done, there wasn't much left of that room. I tore down the 2 walls that I could in that room, the adjoining wall on the one side, then started in on the closet in another room. I think I even impressed him a little. lol By the time we had to quit, he had somewhere to be at 5, I was tired, but felt amazing. Today, I admit, I'm hurting in various places. Mainly my hands/knuckles/wrist areas. My left arm that's held together by plates and screws is a bit pissed off. Other than that, I'm ready to do it again on Thursday. Smile

I did notice, he wore his cologne yesterday,, to tear down a house. Smile

Later...I took him ho-made tacos for dinner, he ate 5 of them then bitched at me for him being too full. In return, he gave me my very own big ass crow bar. Smile I think I'm going to paint it like a candy cane, just to give him something to fuck with me about. lol

When I met with my bestie the other day for lunch and shopping, she gave me some perfume with pheromones in it. I've been wearing that around him the last 2 times I've seen him. I notice he's been standing a lot closer to me, I can't say he's been any nicer because he doesn't really do nice. Sarcasm is more our repertoire. I'm still really hoping one day he'll push me up against the wall and kiss me. But we're working up to that, slowly. I hope. Razz

Jar of Flies
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