Today is August 21, 2018
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愛とは何か?(what is love?) by TeaGd1
August 2018

June 2016

愛とは何か?(what is love?)
by TeaGd1

The latest entry is June 4, 2016

"But I still need love cause I'm just a man." Or the one where Seiichi a teen goes to extreme measures for the one he loves, and he will stop at nothing to get him, and I mean nothing.

This book is a work of fiction that Me the author, Cameron and Carmon my editors, and Victoria my fan artist have put together. Names, Places, and People that may sound similar to you are all coincidence and I do not own anything mentioned in this book (company, state, etc.)
This is boy x boy, male x male and for all the anime fans yaoi so read at your own risk because their is going to be smut/ sexual scenes. There is also quiet a bit of violence, character death and possible triggering (suicide, and/or abuse)
Other than that sit back and enjoy this rocky roller coaster
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