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Most Recently Written
Gay Man lost in Prozac Park
by Terry (gay male age: 63)
 I'm a gay guy from the upper midwest who's sexually addicted, has low self-esteem as well as mental illness. I've also been in therapy for over 20 years with the same therapist. This is my screwed-up life and welcome to it.
Who i'm
by eloeloise92 (lesbian female age: 26)
 I want to face with myself with no lie for the first time in my life and publicly
Two In The Bush
by TwoInTheBush (other other age: 32)
Mushy People
 Because I'm two in the bush
Lisa Sue's Girly Journal
by Lisa Sue (male-to-female trans age: 47)
Repost of Sissy fiction....please send comments
 The thoughts, musings, ramblings, and fantasies of a slightly unusual man with an extremely strong feminine side.
Rambling brain trumps & blah blah blah
by Sabrina Louise (bi female age: 32)
 Everyone knows diaries are full of shit.
Poems of Wolfgang
by Alexander Wolfgang (straight male age: 24)
the lone wolf
 dark poems that have some light but dont expect all to be that way some might be sad some might be light and some might have some creators of the night
Utter Nonsex
by B.J. Smith (gay male age: 66)
Happy belated NewYear!
 The ordinary activities of a Gay American. Now you dont have to look through one entry after another for the "good" stuff or the "plain" stuff. Still Adults Only, Click an Ad A Day
Chantelle Noir: L'Année En 2015
by talltaletelly (straight female)
 French titles just sound so much more sophisticated in a way...
The Rock Island Line - Hawthorne Branch
by TheRoosterIA (straight male age: 56)
Work continues
 Well the Rock Island Line, she's a might good road; Rock Island Line it's the road to ride; Rock Island Line is a mighty good road; Well if you ride it you gotta ride it like you find it; Get your ticket at the station for the Rock Island Line
The True Adventures of Jack Tonight
by Jack Tonight (bi male age: 59)
Jack's Xmas Story
 real stories of sex, love, sleaze, and other memories from the dark alleys, back doors, and clammy basements of love from your downtown host, Jack Tonight
My Dementia
by EbonFlame (other female age: 29)
 Poems from the heart of insanity.
by the_mith (male-to-female male age: 33)
13-12 23:52
Roadrunner - Open Journal
by roadrunner569033 (straight male age: 60)
Seven Months
 Public Journal
Taking out the Trash
by grudge (straight male age: 47)
 “As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion?” -Stephen King
Oh what tangled webs we weave
by Moon Child 4 (bi-curious female age: 36)
Nov 23, 2015
 This is the place I write about my confessions of my everyday life. I have a hard time telling people in my life my deep dark secrets and everyday thinking. Even small things are hard for me.
where did i go
by beloved1 (other female age: 53)
walk away
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A Most Complicated Grief
by Marie LaFayette (bi female age: 63)
My address book has changed
 Grieving-the process,impact, depth,breadth,intensity,the stages, & most importantly,the length of time, must adhere to what is "normal". Go beyond any of these & one enters the realm of "Complicated Grief".Fuck them. I have A MOST COMPLICATED GRIEF.
Elevator blog
by Fujihd Lee (male-to-female male age: 29)
The plan reconnects with Olmsted’s campus vision elevator factory
 Customize your new journal by writing a title above and a description here...then select a color scheme by clicking a radio button below
Random Pieces
by JUESSY (straight female age: 41)
random pics
 Pictures, songs, quotes, or just about anything
Unreal Reality
by EbonFlame (other female age: 29)
I would like to know...
 "We are here and it is now. The way I see it is, after that, everything tends toward guesswork." ~ Didactylos, Small Gods
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