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The following joined My-Journal over TEN YEARS ago and are still actively journaling here
roadrunner569033 [joined: Oct 3, 2010]
Miss MM [joined: Jun 8, 2010]
TheLongRoadBack [joined: Jul 20, 2007]
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Darlinggirl [joined: Jan 4, 2001]

Most entries created
Mystic Angel [joined: 2006-12-02]7146
wayward heart [joined: 2002-02-17]6270
Reggi [joined: 2004-02-08]4469
TheLongRoadBack [joined: 2007-07-20]3258
khh6 [joined: 2002-02-19]3218
Terry [joined: 2001-03-04]2923
Lovely Assistant [joined: 2004-08-09]2900
siri [joined: 2003-12-21]2832
biggmamaz [joined: 2004-12-04]2730
fourplet [joined: 2003-11-02]2612
Darlinggirl [joined: 2001-01-04]2582
keora [joined: 2003-10-26]2464
Christine [joined: 2002-02-15]2416
Homemade [joined: 2005-03-30]2336
JenBee [joined: 2003-09-24]2324
Asher [joined: 2002-12-31]2315
Ginger [joined: 2003-10-26]2278
LightHouse Keeper [joined: 2004-01-05]1929
SynnicalSomebody [joined: 2002-08-29]1704
Finding My Way [joined: 2003-10-29]1574

Journal Count
Currently there are 11123 journals with a total of 232773 entries

Most Recently Written
by Candor (straight male age: 51)
why things are
 Elevated Honesty
field notes
by siri (straight female age: 66)
my hummer friend
 a nature journal of wanderings in the field and other observations, photos and notes
Roadrunner 569033 Still Alive
by roadrunner569033 (straight male)
Friday 13th
 Just a passing note
book notes
by siri (straight female age: 66)
the nightingale by kristin hannah
 a separate space for notes on books
poems on siri's shelf
by siri (straight female age: 66)
andrew gibson
 "out of all that can be said, these particular words put down roots"...
Candy's Journey
by Candyrain76 (straight female age: 64)
Losing Another Family Pet
 Candy & Vic have gone country, Vic's Lost N Space, while Candy's like Alice N Wonderment.
in the wind
by floating world (straight female)
Nov 10, 2020
Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom
by Homemade (straight female age: 45)
Mushy Me
 Me, turned WAY UP... Confessions and day to day drama, babbling and dribble, all with lots of confusion mixed in. Can you take it?... Because Im not sure i can.
Emotional Mess
by carol15 (straight female age: 25)
I am here.
 Just the emotional roller coaster that is me.
The Life and Times of Nursey Nurse, PHN
by nurseynurse (straight female age: 47)
Difficult Times
 Just a nurse, talking about my work and the work of my life...
confessions of a redhead
by Lucinda34 (bi female age: 50)
 the true story of a 40-something single mama of three crazy but amazing kiddos, with a penchant for f bombs & high heels on a mission to recreate herself again & kickass at this thing called life!
Survey Says........
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 56)
 Just Surveys
Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
by Christine (straight female age: 41)
Sheltering Sundays
 A journal for/about our pets.
55 and alive
by 55andalive (straight female age: 55)
Trying to get my shit together
 Life journal of a 55 female who shares her experiences. Where is was and where is at now at this point in her life. Come explore her life.
The Unwritten.
by Amanda22Jane (bi female age: 57)
My Artwork. Unfinished.
 I remind myself that not all is finished until it is finished. And that's what this journal is created for.
Irish Republican History and Commentary
by TheWeeFenian (gay trans age: 40)
My press release on targeted political policing
 Thoughts on Ireland, republicanism, the peace process and much more. Some serious, some funny.
Weighty Issues
by Christine (straight female age: 41)
Diet Talk?
 On a lifelong journey to be healthier and lose weight.
Entertain me
by Christine (straight female age: 41)
A New Book, Neverending Story (movie), and Recent Shows
 My temporary escapes from reality... books, games, movies, music, tv shows, etc.
Somewhere out there, I'm still living, and I'm nowhere near done yet.
by Imdy (other female age: 41)
 A life
Situation Normal
by Mina Moon (bi-curious female age: 28)
No More Tears
 My journey through my twenties, horrid roommates, the american music business, substance abuse, cyber bullying and motherhood
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